Monday, December 19, 2011

Will We Have The Fuel To Burn for 8 Days?

Webb: Tomorrow night, we will begin our celebration of Chanukah by doing the first of's workouts. Each day we'll do another until we have burned through all eight videos. The tentative schedule is:

Tuesday - "Downward Spiral"
Wednesday - "The Hunted" "Angels"
Thursday - "Revolver"
Friday - "Hell Hath No Fury"
Saturday - "A Very Dark Place"
Sunday - "Local Hero"
Monday - "Fight Club"
Tuesday - "Angels" "The Hunted"

Webb: Doing eight days straight of hard efforts is a good way to get sick, injured or both. So the plan is to be smart and have fun. Having done half of these workouts, I've made some guesses which ones may be good ones to do with a little less than the prescribed intensity. It'll be a miracle if we get through them all.

Elle: I'm both excited and nervous to embark on the journey of 8 days of Sufferukah (and the festival of suffering). If anyone else is in need of a new holiday tradition, feel free to join in on the challenge. Who knows how this will all turn out, but it will be an adventure...

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