Sunday, April 29, 2012

Puttin' money in the bank.

MONDAY: 9.15-mile run followed by strength & stretching

The Charles River at night
Elle: We didn't leave the house until after 8pm, 'cuz when you need to nap, you need to nap. But as luck would have it, the weather ended up being perfect, outside of a big 'ol head wind on the way out. The city was all dark and peaceful. Sometimes when we go long, I pretend Webb is Dave Scott and I'm Mark Allen, I stay right on his elbow, waiting for him to take that fateful cup of water to make my big move. But then Webb put a big kick on at the end, just as 'Panama' came on my headphones. But he took off so fast, it took everything I had to keep up. I just love a big finish.

Instead of doing a big strength workout afterwards and possibly damaging our tired legs, we did some plank work and a whole lotta stretching. Mmmmmmmm, stretching feels gooooood.

Webb: This was a great run. The goal was to stay in HR zone 2 or lower for 1:15. Twenty minutes into the run, we decided to extend the run to 1:20. Our Timberman 13.1 goal is under 2 hours or 9:00/mile pace. We finished the 1:20 with an average pace of 8:45 with only the last mile being out of HR zone 2. (We felt so good we couldn't resist a brisk finish.) I am thrilled we can hold a sub 9:00 pace in zone 2 for that long more than 3 months out of the race.

TUESDAY: Spartacus Workout & Biking (Steady Effort Pyramid)

Elle: The Spartacus workout: Holy crap, this took a lot of energy out of me. It was fun, but you don't even notice it kind of creep up on you, then all of a sudden, you're sweating buckets and all of your muscles are fatigued. Just like when the real Spartacus would sneak up on you, I suppose...

Webb: This workout is not to be confused with Spartacus or the Spartacus, but this Spartacus. I can't remember where I came across the workout. I nearly wrote it off as a typical, gimmicky unlike-the-last-breakthrough-workout-to-shred-fat-and-build-muscle-this-one-really-works workout. Having dabbled in functional workouts and CrossFit, it actually looked pretty good. So we gave it a shot. We used fairly light weight for our first endeavor. I suggest the same for you. It does sneak up on you. Final assessment: Excellent total body workout.

Elle: 1-hour Bike Trainer W/O: With little energy left, Webb led us on a sweat factory, energy-sapping endurance bike workout on the trainers. The Celtics were on, which Webb enjoyed, but all I could do was stare down at my handlebars and occasionally at my Garmin to make sure my cadence and speed were where it was supposed to be. It was a good workout, but I was too tapped from Spartacus to enjoy it.

Webb: I sorta came up with this workout on the spot. Let's call it a Steady Effort Pyramid:
    5:00 at 65-75 rpm followed by 5:00 at 95-105 rpm
    4:00 65-75, 4:00 95-105
    3:00 65-75, 3:00 95-105
    2:00 65-75, 2:00 95-105
    1:00 65-75, 1:00 95-105
    5:00 of soft pedaling at 80-85 rpm
    then reverse the above order.
You want to maintain a steady effort throughout, so choose gearing that will allow you to accomplish that. (Think of it has rolling hills and/or headwinds on the trainer.) Anyway, I liked it a lot and not just because the Celtics' bench beat the Heat bench. I think it is a positive workout for pacing and muscular endurance at a relatively low heart rate (zones 2 and 3).


Elle: What a confusing swim set for me. Ever since the Total Immersion Swim clinic, and especially after seeing myself swim on camera, I feel like I have to completely re-tool my stroke. So I've been swimming differently, and I can't tell if I'm turning the corner to finally become faster and better, or if I'm just totally messing everything up. Swimming is hard.

Webb: I'm not talking about this swim. If I would, I'd call it a "Mixed-bag of Failure." I had serious problems breathing. Chlorine? Allergies? I don't know. Air wasn't getting past my throat. So I changed up the workout. Then my chest and arms failed me (Damn you Spartacus workout!). So I changed up the workout again. Failed. I finally settled on just swimming what and how I could for an hour.

THURSDAY: SEAC Runng Club & Bike Fail

Elle: So I was all pumped up to do a Sufferfest by myself while Webb went to SEAC running club. I got all set up, re-arranged the living room, got down the bike trainer, got out the bike, pumped up the wheels, got dressed, turned on the computer so it could feed the video to the TV, said "So long" to Webb as he walked out the door, and got on the bike, ready to do 'Fight Club'.
Hmmmmmm, there must be some issue with the server or something, 'Fight Club' doesn't seem to be loading, I guess I'll do 'Revolver'.
So I start the workout. Just after the warm up, the video stops loading. Crap.
I get off the bike, go over to the computer and click around, trying to figure out what is going wrong. It starts loading again, so I get back on the bike, and get going. About 5 minutes later, the same thing. Get off the bike, try to figure out the problem, get back on, start pedaling. Then 3 minutes later, no video. AAAARRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!
Now I'm all sweaty, mentally want to get this workout in, but it's a no-go, as the video has stopped loading all together. I don't know if it was Comcast, or Webb's computer having a melt-down, but I was on the verge of my own melt-down. I accepted defeat, broke everything down and put it away. No workout for me today. Dammit.

Webb: Elsewhere, we had a rocking set at the track. My rotten swim provided me some fresh legs to do 6 x 200m with 200m jog recoveries. We did our typical drills after and 800m of jog the turns, stride the straights. We returned to the store for monkeybread and beer. Man I love our running club.

SATURDAY: Endurance Bike Ride - Weston Hills 50-Miler

Elle: Equipped with my newly fitted Cervélo, I was ready to kick some butt on the road today. And indeed, this was a great ride for me. I was able to keep up with Webb like never before, even on the hills. It was glorious. I was working hard, but I felt like the bike and I were one organism, working together.

 The plan was to do 3:30 of aerobic work on some rolling hills. We went out to my Weston Hills loop. The loop is 5 miles and has a nice mix of hills. It begins with a gradual 1 mile climb that hits upwards of 11% grade towards the top. From there the next 4 miles are rollers that over time can really tax your legs. But our goal was to do what Joe Friel calls "walking on your bike." Imagine if you went for a 3.5 hour walk with some hiking. Even though you keep your intensity low, you still get pretty damn tired. That is what we did on the bike.

Elle: At one point, on our way out to the circuit, Webb pointed across the street and yelled something I couldn't comprehend. Then I saw what we was yelling about, it was Lenny, on the way back from his workout! We both turned around and met up to chat for a bit. Another high point of the day was when I successfully ingested a Gu gel going 20 mph. Helloooooo sticky fingers...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Say 'hello' to a brand new bike. Not really...

Webb: This week we had some fun workouts.

Swim: Force 500
Bike & Strength: Spinervals Vol. 5 Total Body Conditioning.
Run: Split Run!
Brick: Lesley Paterson's Braveheart Brick

Spinervals Total Body Conditioning
Elle: This is one of my favorite workouts. As I've said before, I like the 2-for-1 (biking & strength), I like getting on and off the bike. So it's fun for me. But in a pukey way, as I definitely had some serious vurpage going on. And I'm starting to feel stronger on the planks (front plank and side plank), so that's good news.

Webb: I'm starting to adapt, or at least that is what I tell myself. It is still hard but I'm able to manage it better while still putting forth the same effort. (Is that the first sign of denial?) Except. Except I could not do the first set of lateral lunges due to knee pain. Then I couldn't do any squats or lunges. It feels like patella tendinitis. Damn.

Elle: On Tuesday I had a bike fit scheduled with Grady at Landrys. What a freaking difference. I felt like I walked out of there with a brand new bike. At least a whole new different bike that feels really good to ride on. And not recumbant-y, like it was before. Perhaps I won't be Schlecking on those long rides anymore (fingers crossed).

RUN: Split Run
Morning: 1 hour Tempo Run
Evening: 30:00 minutes easy on Treadmill

Elle: We were finally able to pull our butts out of bed to do a morning tempo run along the Charles River. It was sunny and nice, post-miserable Boston Marathon weather. I'm feeling really glad I ran last year and not this year, everyone we know who ran said it was pretty miserable. Props to Mike, Chad, Emily and Ed for some great run times in such tough conditions.

Webb: A quick note about the Boston Marathon: Terrible, terrible conditions. You had to have a lot of heart to fight through that heat.

Onto the Split Run: It was a beautiful morning. I neglected to tell Elle what we were doing. I took off much faster than normal. About 0.5 miles in she finally asked me what was up. That is when I told her we were doing a tempo run. Oops. Oh well, she is that much faster than me that it didn't faze her. We were doing well until about the 33:00 mark, when my knee (from the Spinervals night) started bothering me. A couple of minutes later I told Elle if I slowed down to speed home without me. It wasn't much longer that she picked it up and left me behind. At 45:00 I was done with the tempo. I had to run/walk/stop'n'stretch the last 15:00 because my ITB band flared up on the leg opposite the knee pain.

500 swim, 500 swim with pull-buoy, 500 swim with pull-buoy and paddles, 500 swim
Total: 2000 meters

The HD GoPro
Elle: Pool swim during Masters Swim Class always means lots of splashing and waves. They leave one lane open, so Webb and I took that. I got a couple of mouthfuls of water when I went to take a breath on several occasions. And got beat up a little too - some of the guys in the Masters class get a little excited when they do butterfly stroke, and cross over the lane, under the lane lines. Webb took the new camera out for a spin and we saw some pretty interesting stuff. Webb apparently swims like a minnow, and I have zero glide. Awesome.

Webb: The new camera (HD GoPro) is going to be valuable for us finding flaws in our swim stroke. That assumes we know what the flaws look like. I have to say, it is cool though, watching yourself swim.


New 2XU suit!
Webb: I came across this workout as link on Lesley Paterson's "Sh*t Triathletes Don't Say" video. With our first race of the season coming up in a few weeks, it seemed like a good time to start brick sessions. We did three intervals. The first was definitely the toughest for me. Luckily HDNet was airing the Little 500. It provided a good distraction for the bike intervals. For the run intervals, I mapped out a 0.6 mile loop starting and ending at our front door. The weather, although a tad warm, was really nice for the hard efforts.

Elle: This was a challenging workout for me. By the time we got to the last bike set, my quads were really feeling it. And Webb wasn't letting up on the run sets, I guess he didn't feel like getting beat by a girl today. We should probably add this workout to the rotation. The best part was that I got to test out my new 2XU tri suit, can't wait to get it out on the race course.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Temporarily Not Succeeding

Webb: We are going to experiment a bit here with a slight change to the format. Rather than go through each and every workout, we'll highlight a few.  Hope you like it, tell us if you don't.

Key Workouts

w/u: 600m
main: 3 x 400m at tpace on :40 rest
c/d: 100m

Webb: This swim set was a little tough. We did a strength workout a couple of days before with some pull-ups and push-ups. Apparently I had some residual soreness in my lats, so it took a little while to warm up. I also did the workout in the sole free lane while a Masters Session was going on. My guess is most people would hate swimming at such a time. I kinda dig it. It is the closest you can come to an open water experience in the pool. 

BIKE: Hell Hath No Fury
Webb: Yep, this workout still rocks. The bike training has been going well. Even though you must always suffer when doing these videos...

Elle: Yeah, this is a good one, one of my favorites. And the music really helps to make this workout, it's a bit like a dance party. But with more sweat and gasping for air.

Webb: More sweating and gasping than a dance party? You need to go to better dance parties.

Elle: You are correct, sir.

RUN: Dave Scott Treadmill
Main 1- 6x {45 seconds at 5%, 45 seconds at 6%, 30 seconds at 7%, "recover" 60 seconds at 2%}
Main 2 - 12x {20 seconds "very fast" (not all out, no sprinting) with 20 seconds passive recovery}

Elle: This workout is a killer. I did it once before on my own, and I was glad to have Webb there this time to experience the hell along with me. Near the end, I honestly had a fear of flying off the end of the treadmill, so I just pushed it hard until it was over.

Webb: I put it on the schedule as a muscular endurance workout because that is how Dave Scott describes it. I guess being a multiple Ironman World Champ and coach of champs (ahem, Chrissie), means you might know a thing or two. Well, this is definitely a tough workout that must improve your muscular endurance.

I actually found the "recovery" efforts to be tougher because as far as recoveries go, it sucks. Sure 2% is easier than 5, 6 or 7%, but not so much as you are all "Ahhhhh, whew, this is better." The cool thing is that when you do the speed skills after, they are pretty easy. Hell, that was a better recovery and a great way to end a workout. It definitely stretched out and loosened up the legs.

The Boston Marathon is in Effect ...
Karen, Bill and Mark

Saucony event: Find Your Strong
Webb: On Friday we attended the Saucony event on finding our strong. There were four speakers scheduled to inspire us and they did not  disappoint. The evening opened with Luis Escobar talking about his friend Micah True, aka Caballo Blanco, of Born to Run fame. Sadly, a couple of weeks ago Caballo Blanco was found dead in the New Mexico desert a few days after he went out for a 12-mile run. This is a terrible loss for the running community and the Tarahumara people of Mexico.

Elle: I couldn't believe it when I heard the news, I was devastated. I never met Caballo Blanco, but was super excited to do so at this event. I never even changed it in my calendar, which still reads, 'Meet Caballo Blanco!'
A sad loss indeed.

Webb: We also heard from Mark Herzlich, Karen Smyers and Bill Rodgers. Herzlich defeated cancer at age 21 and went on to win Super Bowl XLVI (2012) as a linebacker for the NY Football Giants. He had bone cancer in his left leg and after undergoing chemo and radiation treatments, doctors inserted a titanium rod down the length of his femur. Karen Smyers might be one of the best athletes you've never heard of - unless of course you are a triathlon junkie. Karen is in the Triathlon Hall of Fame because she has won at every distance and overcome amazing set backs: cancer, severed hamstring (home improvement accident) and multiple injuries from being hit by an 18-wheeler on a training ride. She was part of one of the most dramatic finishes in Ironman history. Finally, Bill Rodgers, 4-time winner of both the Boston and NYC Marathons gave a high-energy, if not a little wacky, speech about how we are all different yet, fundamentally the same in that we need to get out there and take on challenges.

Elle: It was seriously hard to tell if Bill Rodgers was drunk or just a little crazy. I've never heard him speak before, so maybe he's just kind of wacky. Meanwhile, Karen Smyers was inspiring as ever. I'll definitely be remembering her words while I'm out on the 1/2 Ironman course at Timberman later this year. It's always good to hear that even Ironman World Champions get down on themselves every now and then. The difference is they pull themselves out of it and go on to win the race.
Best quote of the evening, from Karen Smyers, "It's not failing, its temporarily not succeeding".
@ HHRC on Heartbreak Hill

Marathon Expo


Webb: As the weather warms up, weekends are for nice and easy long bike rides. Since the schedule called for 3 hours and Elle was to meet Laura at the expo, I chose a route I call The Weston Hills. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who calls it that. Anyway, it is a 5-mile loop of rolling hills (of varying grades) - long enough not to be boring, short enough that you can control how long you are out on the ride. Since it was to be an easy, aerobic ride it was also good practice on applying steady effort on the climbs. Had we been out there trying to hammer the pace, we might have blown up on some of the steeper grades.

Laura and I with Bart Yasso
On our way back into town, and through the famous Newton Hills (which include Heartbreak Hill), we stopped at SEAC's new sister store, Heartbreak Hill Running Company. The store has the same look and feel of SEAC. And after meeting Eric and Jill, the same great employees.

Elle: Even though I'm not running this year, the Boston Marathon Expo is still a fun time. So I met my friend Laura there, and Webb met up with us later on. There were lots of interesting booths of vendors. Of course everyone who's anyone in the world of running was there. Laura and I had a photo taken with the great Bart Yasso. And he gave us each a signed cartoon of himself. He was there with Runner's World, and editor David Willey was there too.

Bart Yasso!
Look, it's Meb!!!
We also saw the famous Meb Keflezighi signing autographs. The line was too long for me to stand in, but I got a quick shot of him with my camera phone. I ended up buying some running socks and a cool triathlon-themed t-shirt made of bamboo. Webb got a wind jacket from Puma, where our good buddy Dan (from SEAC) was helping out. It was fun to see the women from and I probably had too many free samples of Clif Bars, Gu, Gatorade; you name it, I tried it. It was fun, but pretty exhausting. Especally after the 3 hour bike ride earlier that day.

Me & Laura with some dude at the Expo

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet Recovery

Webb: Recovery week! After our last 3 weeks of solid training, with massive amounts of pool time and an event-packed weekend, it was time to scale back the hours and intensity. This week saw us diverge from doing workouts together. For example, one night Elle went for a solo run and another I played basketball with some friends and New Balance guys. (By the way, I was a little worried I wouldn't get out of the gym without an ankle or knee injury. It was worth the risk though. While we are still in the base phase of training, cross-training with something like basketball could prove to be better for injury-prevention and if I did stumble, I should have time to recover.)

Elle: We did one workout together, the weekly SEAC workout, which is back at the track, after the winter months of hill training. Since SEAC was busy opening up their sister store, Heartbreak Hill Running Company, Dan, our fearless leader, was unable to attend. But he had a workout planned for us, so Mike (aka Keebler, Keebs, etc.) read us the damage and we all headed out to the track. We did the workout and a long set of walking lunges. That's all the workout called for, but since Dan usually has us do 2 laps before heading back, SOMEONE suggested that we tack on the extra laps. Okay, it was me. But we all did, and are better runners/people for it!
Good times @ SEAC, post-run w/ Jessi and Mike (Keebler)

SEAC Track Workout
w/u - 1.5 jog
main - 200m, 400m, 400m, 200m (w/ 200m recoveries)
drills - 3x lunges (10 each leg)
shake out - 800m as 100m strides, 100m jog
c/d - 1.5 jog

Elle: A lot of us saw each other again on Saturday night when Mike Slowik, a long-time SEAC run club member hosted a fundraiser at the Harpoon Brewery to raise $$$ for his Boston Marathon run (for The Red Cross). There is still time to donate. The party moved on to The Atlantic Beer Garden, and eventually on to the South Street Diner. Which was an interesting scene...

Webb: I just came across this interview with our speed leader Dan. For you non-Bostonians, there are some shots of my favorite New England landmark, the Charles River. Unfortunately, the video was shot in winter so you don't get to see the river in its full-verdant state. Maybe I'll post some shots this spring and summer. You also get a glimpse of the Saturday SEAC crew, including Elle. (This may have been the day we bit off more than we could chew.)

On Saturday, I rode with the guys from the Evil Racing Cult and was allowed inside the World-wide Headquarters. It was a great day for a ride, even if it began more than a bit too chilly for my taste. Our small pack met up with a Masters group and then the 12 or so us of headed out for about 45 miles. I was definitely the weak member of the bunch. Thankfully it was a friendly ride, otherwise the couple of times I was tapped on the hills, I would have been dropped. Who am I kidding? I would have been dropped before the hills. Anyway, they are great guys which reinforced my decision to buy their race wheels. Also, you can't beat it when you have a chance to hang out and talk to people who do your hobby as a profession.

We ended the week watching Paris-Roubaix, or what is now to be called "The Tom Boonen Show." Wow. What a dominating performance. I hear there is even talk in Belgium of replacing the Easter Bunny with a dust-covered figure on a bicycle called "Tommeke." The kids will have to race over cobblestones in their search for eggs. Good luck kinderen / Bonne chance les enfants / Viel Gluck Kinder

Next Week: Begin Base Phase 3

Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Weekend Wrap-up: The End of "30 for 30" and the Annual Double-down

Webb: In like a lion out a like a lamb my ass. We began March with a plan to swim 30 days. This past weekend we concluded our swim-focus experiment and celebrated by opening April with our annual Double-Down event.

4 x 500 as:
500 swim,
500 swim with pull-buoy,
500 swim with pull-buoy & paddles,
500 swim
total - 2,000m

Elle: I can't believe '30 for 30' is over. And we did it. I didn't know if I'd be able to see it through, but I pushed really hard, and came out the other end a better, more confident swimmer, and learned some interesting things about myself in the process. It wasn't easy, but I'm really glad I fought through.

DAY 31: Global Sufferlandrian Day! and The Multisport Expo

BIKE WORKOUT:'s "Revolver"

Webb: March 31st/April 1st was Sufferlandrian Day. With the Multisport Expo on the schedule, we had to be sure to get in our Sufferfest workout. So we woke early and were on the trainers at 7:30. (Not our usual Saturday wake up time.) I still love this workout. We had not done it in a long time. I feel strongly we should hire a coach for next season. I just worry s/he'll forsake our love for I can't train without Sufferfest.

Elle: Nothin' like a good, vomit-inducing session to start your weekend! I didn't actually throw up, but I definitely felt that I was flirting with that line several times during the workout. Which is par for the course for Revolver.

SWIM WORKOUT: Total Immersion Swim Clinic
75:00 clinic focusing mainly on distance-per-stroke and balance

Webb: Three words to describe the clinic: Cold, shivering and cold. Take some advice, never attend a clinic in a freezing pool. There was far too much time not-swimming while the clinician did his thing. The drills between chattering teeth were helpful. We swam with little electronic metronomes in our swim caps. Every time it beeped we initiated a stroke. We then progressively slowed down the metronome, effectively deconstructing our form. By doing this you can definitely feel where your form is out of balance. Fixing it, well that is another issue. I'm glad we went; it would have been nice if it hadn't been so damn cold.

Elle: Yes, it was cold, but I think Webb is exaggerating just a tad. I'm glad we attended the clinic, I did learn some things I need to work on, about my particular stroke, and about proper form in general. But I too was glad to get out, since, if you're in the pool and NOT swimming the whole time (i.e. listening to an instructor), it can get a little frosty.

Webb: Not exaggerating.

With Ironman Hero Mark Allen
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: MARK ALLEN (6-time Ironman World Champion)

Elle: It was great to hear Mark Allen talk about stories that you've seen on tv and read about, but to hear it straight from him was pretty cool. He talked about the 'Iron War', and about his journey to finally winning Ironman world championship after so many years losing to Dave Scott. Definitely inspiring.

As a sports fan, it was a little surreal at first when Mark Allen emerged from behind the curtain to present to the audience. I am in my 4th full-time season doing triathlons, but I remember the late 80's trying to find info about it in the days before the Intertubes. Like Dave Scott (last year's keynote speaker), his affable style belied his accomplishments. (The one that blew me away is that he finished on the podium in 90% of his races!) If you get a chance to see him speak, do not miss the opportunity.

Elle: After the keynote speech, Webb and I explored the Expo, which is always fun. A room full of people who have the same interests and experiences as you is such a treat. Usually we end up boring people with our stories of training and racing, but now we were surrounded by folks who all know exactly what we're talking about/going through! And all the booths of race directors and triathlon vendors, it was a blast. One of our favorites is Tim Richmond, the race director of Max Performance races, and he's a really nice guy.
With Team
We also got to meet the guys behind Team, which we've discussed joining after we watched the documentary, 'Running the Sahara'. was co-founded by Matt Damon & Gary White, and Matt's brother Kyle is an Ironman-distance triathlete and the team director of TEAM

Of course the guys from Landrys were there, and the Boston Triathlon Team. And at the gear swap, I picked up a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses. I had a great time.

Webb: We also met Mark Allen after the speech at his booth. He's a great guy. If you do not know who he is or maybe you do but you do not know about the Iron War of 1989, check out the link above. (It does not take you to Matt Fitzgerald's book of the same name. I have heard there are questions about that book that need to be resolved until I'll read it.) Meeting the Team guys was second only to meeting Mark Allen. Be sure to check out that link too. They are doing important work globally and should especially hit home to endurance athletes. You do not take water for granted.
Rudy Project Sunglasses

Celebrating Sufferlandrian Day

Elle: After the Expo we headed over to the Asgard to properly celebrate Sufferlandrian day with some food and pints. All I can say is, when are going to the Asgard again? Holy cow, the food was so super tasty - the truffle tater tots were out of this world. And while we were there I noticed at the table next to us some folks wearing shirts, so I chatted with them for a bit. We were pretty exhausted at this point, so after some food and beer, we were pretty ready to call it a day. Especially since we had to wake up in the morning for TWO road races...
With Ron Shea, founder of


Race #1: Cambridge City Run, Cambridge, MA (Fresh Pond)
Start time: 10:30AM
Interval plan: 1:00 sub threshold, 1:00 no max HR, 3:00 descending HR; Recovery 5:00 HR zone 1

Webb: In the past, I have run the races but not raced them. (No surprise to readers of the blog, Elle always gave them effort.) This year we had a different plan since we have been trying out a non-swim program from a coach. We were supposed to do two interval runs this week. I made the decision to do those training sessions during the races. For Race #1, we did the "easier" of the two sessions. It was a little tricky and we were probably hated by all the other participants. But hey, they are C races, so we were just training through them.

Elle: It was tough to do intervals during the race, especially through the narrow parts that looped around the pond. But holy cow, it made the race go by fast! After we crossed the finish line I grabbed a water bottle, and we went straight to the car to head down to race #2. After a quick stop at the supermarket for some provisions, we drove to Cohasset, arriving with enough time for a pit stop before heading over to the start line.
Celebrating Sufferlandrian Day

Race #2: Race by the Sea, Cohasset, MA
Start time: 1:00PM
Interval plan: 2:00 easy ascending HR, 3:00 super-threshold; Recovery 3:00 HR zone 1

Elle: Again, doing the intervals made this race just fly by. Instead of counting off the miles, we were so preoccupied with our heart rates and intervals, that before I knew it, we were running by the 'Mile 5' sign. One guy noticed that we were up to something, and called us out, which was funny, since we would pass him for the super threshold sets, and then he'd pass us back during the recovery.

Webb: I'm tired. I think I'll take a day off.