Friday, December 30, 2011

Now Back to Running

Webb: Thursday night means speed/track work with the SEAC running club. Except for Elle. When the temps drop below 40F, Elle takes her work inside. Since it was 30F at the beginning of the workout tonight, I headed to run club alone.

w/u - 1.5 mile run to track
main - 800m (200m recovery)
          400m (200m recovery)
          200m (200m recovery)
drills - lower-leg drive, lunges, bounding, etc.
shake-out - 800m as jog the turns, stride the straights
c/d - 1.5 mile return jog to store

Webb: Winter arrived tonight. Wow it felt cold. According to my phone it was 30F when I left, but it definitely felt colder than that. Can't say I'm much of a judge at this point given how warm this winter has been.

I struggled a great deal tonight. I simply could not get enough air. My windpipe felt like it was the size of presta bike valve. The legs were there. To the extent I could get oxygen to my quads that is. During the drills I was able to get some more oxygen intake. Still, I had to stop a few times on the return jog to cough violently. Once back at the store, and the warm interior air, immediately I was able to breathe fine. I definitely miss the usual winter acclimatization.

Elle: Elsewhere, I headed to the warm, cozy gym.

Warm Up: 10 min. @ 1% grade, speed = 6 mph, increasing 0.1 mph every minute, holding steady at 6.5mph
Set #1: 10 x 30 sec. at 5% grade, 9 mph followed by 30 sec. off the treadmill
Set #2: 5 min. @ 1% grade, 8 mph
Set #3: Track simulation - 4 laps of jog the turns (@ 6 mph), stride the straight-aways (@ 10 mph)
Set #4: 1% grade, 7 mph
Total time: 50 min.
Total distance: 6.2 miles

Then I did 5 quick pull-ups, just for good measure.
Cool down: Walk home from the gym (~ 1 mile)

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