Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 2: SufferFestukah: What Comes Down, Must Go Up

Day 2 Chanukah candles
Climbing, climbing and climbing. Three sustained climbs. "Is that it?" you ask. Sure. Oh, did you want to know about the attacks, the responses or the just hang-on-and-don't-get-dropped-tempo-before-the-next-attack? There are too many to review.

WebbYeah, yeah the schedule called for The Hunted. We made a game-time decision to switch to Angels. I have done this workout twice before and enjoy it. My two main weaknesses are climbing and a poor V02max. That's it, just those two. Otherwise I'm solid.

Elle: One might point out that the last-minute change-up was due to Sufferlandrian technical error. And that Sufferlandrian is Webb. But it's all good in the hood, suffering is suffering.

Webb: I decided to treat tonight's workout more like an endurance effort with skills work than the true crushing-climber it is. Low cadence, big gear work is good to smooth out the pedal stroke while working on sport-specific strength. For the most part, I followed the directions, modifying it by dialing back the intensity. That is until I had to chase Contador up Alpe d'Huez.

Ffiona (the cat) loves to watch The Sufferfest;
she's a huge fan of the sport.
Elle: It's hard to hold back when you're riding up there with the likes of Contador, Voeckler and the Schlecks...

Webb: Overall, I feel good and ready to take on Revolver in a few hours. <gulp>

Elle: I, however, am scared as hell to get up in 6 hours and jump back on the trainer to take on Revolver. Tomorrow will definitely be the toughest day - and we're not even half-way through SufferFestukah! Who's crazy idea was this, anyway?!?

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