Sunday, January 27, 2013

"We chamois dance."


The Dictator of the Federation has put together a race to rival all of the great stage races around the world: The Tour of Sufferlandria (ToS).
Nine stages.
Twelve sufferfests.
Day 1 began on 26 January. There is no official sign-up, unless you want to win prizes. There are daily prizes and then some special one reserved for those minions who complete the entire ToS. To sign up officially you must go to

Stage 1: Hell Hath No Fury (HHNF)

Elle: I didn't think The Sufferfest workout could get any better. Enter TrainerRoad. This seriously takes the workout to a whole new level. No more guessing what effort you should be putting out there, no more slacking off. All the numbers are right there in front of you, telling you if you should work harder, or back off. And you can see everything that is ahead of you. I'll say it. I love TrainerRoad.

Webb: Yep. I gotta say we owe another big thanks to the Dictator. We would not have come across TrainerRoad had it not been for the ToS. displays your workout on your computer, including your cadence, your HR, your power (more on that soon) and the time remaining of your interval. With the display on your computer (or TV if you have a way to transfer/share/mirror), you can watch movies while you do your workout. You'll need the normal assortment of ANT+ devices, but you can check that out. What we LOVE about is that it provides us with virtual power. We have yet to breakdown and buy a power meter. TrainerRoad uses some algorithm calculating speed and cadence to determine your virtual power. I'm sure it is not as accurate as using an actual meter, but for now, it kicks ass. And when we finally do make the move to power, it will read that too.

It changes the workout. It makes TheSufferfest workouts that much more cool.

Elle: I totally forgot that the cyclists were women. I guess it doesn't matter when they're kicking my ass.

Webb: Indeed. The tactics may be different between the men and women in the pro peloton but when it comes down to it, cycling is suffering, no matter who you are.

Elle: After the workout was over I got right on the foam roller - I didn't want to regress in my knee injury recovery program. I rolled out my knotty quads and ITB and then did a number of stretches. When I stood up I literally felt a wave of endorphins wash over me.

Webb: I'm looking forward to the rest of the ToS. Unfortunately I will miss at least two days since I will be traveling for work.