Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 8 of SufferFestukah: Breaking Away

Ffiona loves SufferFestukah
Webb: About 14 days ago, Elle hit upon an idea: There are eight videos (not counting the Extra Shot) and eight nights of Channukah. "What if ... ?"
It was stupid.
It was crazy.
It was on.

Eight days of suffering ended today. Eight indoor sessions. Eight hours and 23 minutes on the trainer. More than 200oz of fluid consumed. More than 200oz of sweat lost.

60-minutes total, with the main set a 20-minute sustained climb, mostly at a steady effort. Mostly, because it isn't a Sufferfest workout unless there are attacks.

Elle: This has the best music of all the workouts, in my opinion. I especially love 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' by The Swing Movement. I could have listened to that song for the whole ride.

Webb: Thanks to a <ahem> technical error on Day 2, we totally lucked into this being our last workout. Not that it was easy, it wasn't. It was a great capstone to SufferFestukah. As triathletes, our motivation on the road is not unlike the soloist in cycling. It is you against everyone; you are out there on your own. When I realized this was going to be about solo efforts, I decided to honor SufferFestukah by pulling out my race kit. (I absolutely love my Endurance Junkie racesuit, so I like to save it for races only.)
Team Triathletes Journey survives SufferFestukah

Elle: Sweat, sweat, and more sweat. Stinging my eyes, falling into my mouth, dripping off my nose and chin.

Webb: I've purposefully tried to be somewhat vague in my description of the workouts. The #1 reason is everyone should have their own first experience with each Suffferfest video. So with that in mind, I won't tell you how rotten the final 5 minutes are after the 20 minute climb. Enjoy!

Elle: I can't believe I finished all of the days. I struggled a couple of times just getting on the bike to start the workout. However, at the beginning of this, our final video, I realized that it felt natural, like we do this all the time. I am already so much farther along in my preparation than I was last year. 2012 is going to be great.

Webb: The one thing we'll change for next year is to include Extra Shot in every workout. I think we'll use it like the shamash. Each day we'll start the workout with Extra Shot. One wonders how many new videos there will be next year and what will they entail? Perhaps the bigger question is, "Who will join us?"

Elle: I'm glad SufferFestukah is over, it's been painful and sweaty. But there's part of me that's going to miss going to Sufferlandria every day, I started getting used to being there. But the pool and the treadmill are calling...


  1. Happy end of SufferFestukah! Maniacs!

  2. Thank you! And there's only one Mainiac here, remember, Webb is from Arizona...