Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 6 of SufferFestukah - Putting Hay in the Manger

Webb:  Santa brought us two whole workouts for Christmas this year!!! We started out with a run and then after a short break, but distinctly a break, not a hurry-change-and-don't-forget-nutrition type of BRICK break, we then saddled up and did the next installment of's workouts.

THE RUN - Workout #1
A 70:00 endurance effort along the Charles River.

Xmas day run from Elle Steiner on Vimeo.
Webb: We had a major run accomplishment today. We ran in zones 1 & 2 100% of the time. Normally we set out to do that and creep into zone 3 several times. I actually had to implement a method in our endurance runs that I picked up somewhere. When the HR touches zone 3, we stop and walk. We did not have to do any of that today.

Elle: It was nice to do a LSD (long, slow, distance) run, and with it being Christmas afternoon, Boston was very quiet. It was sunny and nice out, and there was a general calm and peacefulness that gave the run almost a mystical feel.

Webb: I wore pants today. It was about 35F (27F with a gusty wind chill factor), marking one of the first few cold days of what has been a remarkably mild winter. (Did I just trigger a Nor'easter?)

Elle: So I bundled up, big time. I had a tank, a long-sleeved thermal, and a shell. Plus running tights, a headband, and my toasty Mizuno running gloves (the best running gloves ever). Obviously after about a mile, I had to remove the shell and the gloves. If it weren't for the wind, I might have removed the thermal at one point...

Webb: One of the things you can count on in Boston is that no matter what the weather is like, the hour or the day, including holidays, people will be running along the Charles. Today was no different. This city runs.

Elle: Another name for this run could have been 'Goose-Dodge' or 'Squirrel Alert'.

Webb: I have to say the highlight of the run, no, the highlight of the day, was Elle pointing out the squirrel scrambling up a tree with an inhaler in his mouth. An inhaler!

SufferFestukah - Day 6
THE BIKE - Workout # 2: Local Hero
You represent your country, Sufferlandria, in the UCI Road World Championship race. You'll have a tune-up race and a time trial before you get to the race and its five intervals, <ahem> laps at Geelong. Total time 85:00.

Webb: Oh this might be my new favorite Sufferfest workout.

Elle: At this point, SufferFestukah is really kicking my ass. It was tough to get back on the trainer AGAIN, but I was excited to do this new workout. And while I liked it, I think I have to choose Revolver as my favorite SufferFest so far. Webb is more of a long, slow distance athlete, while I like things short and fast.

Webb: While that may be true, I liked the variety of Local Hero. You know what they say, "Variety is the spice of suffering." Although Health Hath No Fury has a better peloton perspective, and is thus more race-like, Local Hero gave us CX, time trial, breakaways and sprints, all from an individual or small-pack perspective.

Elle: While I didn't kill myself, I gave this workout all I had that was left after 6 days of SufferFest workouts plus a 7.7-mile run.

Local Hero on my Trek Speed Concept 7.0
Webb: I dialed back the intensity on this one. Not only had we just done the run, but we also have Fight Club and The Hunted coming up in our final two days of SufferFestukah. We have not done these videos yet but I am anticipating us throwing it down.

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