Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 8: Cavities

Elle: Sadly I couldn't go to the pool this morning with Webb, I had an appointment with Dr. Morrison. TWO cavities. I would rather do almost anything than go to the dentist, and I really like my dentist. I would rather run 20 miles, or swim 1.25 miles, bike 56 miles, then run 13.1 miles. But there was no getting out of the appointment this morning, so I put on my brave face, and took the pain.

w/u: 2 x (100 swim, 100 buoy, 100 kick, 100 swim)
Drill: 4 x 50 (fist drill)
Main: 200 t-pace
total: 1200 meters

Webb: Big surprise here - I left the apartment 15 minutes late. Oh well. It didn't really impact my swim, just made my post-swim time a bit more stressful. There were definitely more swimmers this morning, yet I still had my own lane. Maybe all those die-hard swimmers I imagine are in and out before I get there. The most notable thing from the swim was how fatigued my shoulders are. Even though this is our easy, drill-focused workout, I had to push myself to keep an easy pace. For my TPace set, I was actually surprised I came in a little faster because I felt super slow.

Dr. Morrison at work (not on me)
Elle: Elsewhere, I had to get shot not ONCE with Novocain, not TWICE, but THREE times. I was numb for 5 hours.

So I headed to the pool after work and did the workout.
As a non-swimmer, and former swim-hater, this month has already brought about a lot of different emotions. Swimming every day is a huge accomplishment for me - that's more swimming in one month than I've done EVER. And even though I felt spent and tired today, and the swim wasn't the best, I still felt oddly strange getting out of the pool after only 30 minutes and 1200 meters. Like it just wasn't enough swimming. And I know the swim sets will get longer as the month goes on, so I'm just doing my best to follow the plan.
And since I had to swim after work, sadly I missed run club at SEAC.

Beacon Hill Repeats with SEAC, sorta.
w/u -  jog 1.50 to Beacon Hill
Main - 200m, 400m, 400m
c/d - jog 1 mile back to store

Webb: I did not do the actual SEAC workout, which was 200m, 400m, 1200m tempo around the park, then final repeats of 400m and 200m. On the run over I felt like the pack was moving particularly fast. However, when I looked at my Garmin, our pace wasn't that fast and my HR was fairly low. It can take me awhile to warm-up sometimes so I just plugged along. By the time we arrived at the bottom of Beacon Hill I knew I would not be doing the planned workout. My HR was too low for me to feel that tired. This was not my night to do a hard workout. (Plus, this is technically a recovery week.) So I backed off the duration and intensity while everyone else blasted through the workout. I have not been sleeping well (allergies?) and the swimming may be taking a toll too. The plan is to sleep as much as possible this weekend to prepare for week 1 of our next training block.


  1. More families are drinking bottled water rather than fluoridated water from the tap. Fluoridated water is a proven cavity fighter. many thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Yes, this is true! Our dentist has told us not to drink bottled water because it filters out the stuff that is good for dental health. Endurance athletes are also at risk for cavities because we tend to sip (not drink) on sport drinks. It is a good idea to follow a sport drink with plain water (especially on the bike) when you can.

      Thanks for the comment!