Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 29: Big Weekend Coming Up

THE WORKOUT - Elle's Swim
w/u: 300 swim, 100 buoy, 100 kick, 100 swim
drill: 4 x 50 closed fist
main: 2 x 200 pull-outs & push ups
c/d: 100 easy
total: 1300M

Elle: So I know that fist drill has a funny name, but I find that it really helps with exaggerating the catch and full extension on the pull. I can't believe that I've gotten in a pool swim almost every single day of this month. But that was the goal, and I have to say, I'm kinda proud of myself. It wasn't always easy, that's for sure. But I've got to believe that my swimming has improved because of this little experiment. We'll see at tomorrow's TI Swim Clinic!

THE WORKOUT - SEAC Thursday! Back to the Track
w/u - 1.5 jog to track
main - 6x200m w/ 200m jog recovery
drills - the usual: lunges, lower-leg drive, etc.
c/d - 1.5 jog back to store
total - 4.5 miles

Webb: I was a little disappointed to be heading to the track. My legs could benefit from some more hill sessions. Nonetheless, I was quite pleased with my workout. I pushed through all six sets at what felt like a consistent, hard pace. Overall it was a good night for the crew. Dan split the group in two. Those of us - not me - who are in the final prep for the Boston Marathon (April 16th) ran 10 Yasso 800s. The rest of us ran the 200s. Waiting for us back at the store were Equinox trainers who gave massages and assisted with stretching. Plus a continuing trend is for people to bring tasty treats. This has to be the best running club in the world.

Elle: Announcement! So we have a big weekend planned:

SATURDAY: Multisport World Expo & Sufferlandrian Day
7:30am: Suffer through Sufferfest's Revolver bike trainer workout (arguably the toughest of the Sufferfests)
10:00am: Arrive at the Multisport World Boston Expo @ MIT
10:30am: Total Immersion Swim Clinic - Speed Skills (75 minutes)
1:00pm: Keynote by MARK ALLEN (6x Ironman World Champion)
2:00pm - 4:00pm: Explore the Expo 
4:15pm: Expo drawing of the GRAND PRIZE GIVAWAY, a CompuTrainer Pro (worth $1500!), winner must be present, so we'll be there! 
4:30pm: Pints & food at The Asgard in Cambridge - celebrating Sufferlandrian Day! Feel free to meet us there or just stop by for a pint or two. Or six.

A bit about Sufferlandrian Day from The Sufferfest website:
Sufferlandrian Day: It’s time to Suffer Together!
You have Suffered for months. Often alone. You push yourself to dark places. You fly with Angels. You feel the fury.
You are not alone.
There are Sufferlandrians everywhere….and probably in your town. It’s time to meet them at the first ever Sufferlandrian National Day: The Day of Suffering – a day to celebrate our spiritual home of pain, misery, agony and IWBMATTKYT (I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow).

So in an effort to combine the Boston & Cambridge Sufferlandrians, we are meeting up at The Asgard around 4:30pm for food & drinks. We can't stay toooooo late, however, because we'll be getting up the next morning for....

SUNDAY: The famous "DoubleDown"
10:30am: Cambridge City Run 5-miler
1:00pm: Cohassett Roadrace by the Sea 10K

Webb: Maybe it isn't famous, but it should be. Around 7 or 8 years ago I called our buddy Sean, who we did nearly all our road races with, to see if he wanted to do the Cohassett 10k. He initially declined because he was running the Fresh Pond 5-miler that day. After talking for a few more minutes he asked, "Why not do both?" Of course I agreed - because that is what I do. 

The key is that Cohassett is one of the few afternoon 10k races. We figured it was possible to finish the 5-miler, jump in the car, drive the hour or so to the South Shore and make it in time for the 10k start. It was stupidly fun and safely adventurous. We have done it every year since. There have been a couple of times we have swapped the Doyle's 5-miler in place of Fresh Pond. We were even joined by a soon-to-be famous author and friend, George Cuddy one year. So far he has been the only guest runner even though we always invite others. Really people, you should come along for the fun.

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