Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 13: Fatigue setting in

Webb: This swimming everyday thing is getting kinda hard. Today was definitely an alter-the-workout-mid-workout day.

w/u - 300 swim, 100 kick, 200 pull-buoy, 100 swim
Drill - 200 sculling as 4x50 25drill/25swim
Main - 300 swim (as in not TPace)

Webb: It seems like I am a day behind Elle in the fatigue/soreness area. There have been a couple of times during a workout where Elle has mentioned soreness in her shoulders or just being tired. Yesterday after her tpace set, she commented she was just too tired to hit her numbers. (Most importantly, the effort was there.) That was my story today. About 100 yards into my 300 (well, 350 - I added an extra 50 since yards are shorter than meters), I started to crack. I slowed down and cruised through the final 250 yards. Stupid tpace.

Elle: Ugh, today was tough. One of the signs that I'm over-training, in addition to physical sluggishness and lack of motivation, is that I get overly emotional.

   Me: "Ugh, this pen just died!!!" *tear*
   Me: "I don't know what to have for lunch!" *tear*
   Me: "What?!? It's raining in Des Moines?" *tear*

But I pushed through and got the swim done. However, Webb saw that we were both in danger of over-training, so we decided to skip the bike-strength workout we had planned. I was both glad and upset, since I've been wanting to do this Spinervals conditioning workout ever since I convinced Webb to purchase it. Oh well, another day.

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