Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 26: Elle Takes a Sick Day

Webb: Just a quick update to share the workout. Elle sat this one out as she came down with something today. Cross your collective fingers she can rebound for Day 27. This is also a reminder that short and long term health should always have priority in training.

w/u -  300 swim, 200 pull-buoy, 100 swim
drill -  200 Single-arm as 4x50: 2x {25 right arm/25 swim, 25 left arm/25 swim}
         50 swim
main - 500 TPace 
total - 1350

The main set felt nice and strong. The sort of set that makes a person believe swimming everyday can reap significant benefits.

Elle: *cough, cough*
         *sad face*

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