Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sufferfestukah 2012: Day 8


Elle: Ok, so this one has my favorite warm-up - there are the cool bridges, the best warm up song ever (Italo Surfing), stopping to look at the cool graffiti, and of course, the bicycle with the basket on the front.
Elle time trialing
If you love relentless attacks that just keep coming and coming and coming, you'll love Fight Club. And oh, the time trial - you just have to go deep inside yourself for this one. And just when you want to quit, there's Sparatucs. Then Cadel Evans. And you just have to dig deep. But you are rewarded at the end with two women on bikes who defy gravity and physics. Gawd, this is a good workout.

Webb: <heavy sigh> I sat this one out. I had about four symptoms of being sick without actually feeling ill, other than the general sense of being rundown. All day long I rested and relaxed with hopes I'd have energy by the time Elle came home from work. Once home she looked at me and told me I need to lie down. When I woke from an hour nap I realized I was dangerously close to breaking The Rules.
New swim gear

In retrospect - as in, I literally reviewed my numbers - I increased my average speed over each of the days of Sufferfestukah. So I didn't follow my own recommendation to scale the workouts. This is the price I must pay for being an idiot.

Elle: Meanwhile, my order came in, woohoo! Can't wait to show up at the pool with this sweet ensemble....

Next up: "There Is No Try", there is only getting faster.

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