Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sufferfestukah 2012: Day 1

And it has begun....

Always a fan, Ffiona prepares to celebrate.

Day 1: Downward Spiral

Webb: Let it be written. Let it be done. SufferFestukah 2012 is here. First up was "Downward Spiral." Eight descending intervals, twice, separated by a mere 5:00 recovery. One hour of quads burning and lungs bursting.

This definitely broke off some of the rust. The last couple of months I've been focusing on my running and improving my core strength. It turns out I have had a herniated disc in my lower back for at least the last five years. That probably explains the difficulty with my hip and developing meaningful bike strength. So my bike work lately has been to work on my core, or more specifically the pelvic posture, which not surprisingly can affect the hip flexors, hamstrings, etc. I recently stumbled on which has some great exercises.

Elle: I'm loving the re-mastered 'Downward Spiral'. Great new footage, and of course some new snark. And I'm pretty sure there was some new music too. It was almost like we were doing a whole new workout. You can read our review of this workout when we did it on day 1 of Sufferfestukah last year.

Webb: Right. So one might take it easy his first time on the bike in more than a month. And that was my intent, except ... I love this workout. I went moderately hard on the first set of descending intervals to shake out the legs and see what I had. All indication was to go hard on the second set. Most of the time I could not look at the screen. My head hung over my handlebars while I muttered incoherent encouragement to myself. Wow I missed this workout.

Elle: 1,2,3,4 I can't take it anymore! (Anyone who has done this workout knows what I'm talking about...)

Webb: We are thrilled that @thesufferfest himself is joining us this SufferFestukah. I hope the Architect of our Agony enjoys this celebration as much as we do. We also want to issue a big welcome to Marion, Scott and @TheRatSnake, and anyone else who is joining us. Let us know if you are, we'd love to hear from you.  Next up: "Angels."

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. It's been great so far. Of course, it's only day two--and I just saw that tomorrow is a 1hr 45min session. Oh my.