Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Tour of Sufferlandria - Stage 3


Stage 3: Revolver

Webb: Revolver, the clinched-teeth gut-check of the library. Fifteen massive 1-minute efforts followed by paltry, inadequate 1-minute so-called recoveries.

Elle: You'd think after having done this video for a couple of years now that I would have remembered how it just full on guts you. And it all came back so horribly quickly. Stand and Deliver? More like cower and vomit. In fact, I think most of Sufferlandria would agree with me when I say this is probably the most vomit-inducing workout of them all. The Vomit Fairy was circling me early on this morning.
This is all the excitement I could
muster at 6:15am this morning.

Webb: Rubber Glove for Stage 1 necessitated a Stage 2 recovery effort for ISLAGIATT. Would I be ready for a 100% effort this morning on only 10 hours rest? I thought I might. When I awoke in the pre-dawn darkness I decided that was crazy; I would take on Revolver at 75%. Totally do-able, right? Holy yak $h!t I struggled. I had to will my legs through each effort. 

Elle: One of the beauties of this workout is that it just gets harder and harder. And harder. And then you puke. Just kidding (or am I?)  My brain goes pretty much numb, all I can think during the working intervals is, "GO! GO! GO! EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT! EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!"
Then during the rest (which I look forward to like a little kid looks forward to Christmas morning), my brain is too tired to think, until there are 8 seconds left, then its: "Hands back on handlebars", and at 5 seconds left: "Gear up".  Then it's back to: GO! GO! GO! SUFFER! VOMIT!

Webb: I noticed something pretty cool this morning amid the suffering. Even though my efforts were at 75% (or a little more at times) of FTP - and definitely never at the prescribed ALL OUT effort - my speed was right around my all out efforts three years ago when we first did Revolver. I was hurting this morning due to fatigued legs and yet I still hit my old numbers while keeping my heart rate below threshold. Plain and simple, these workouts produce results.

Elle: We are definitely in it now. The Tour is on! And those precious body parts (you know the ones I'm taking about) are starting to feel sore. Is there enough Chamois Butt'r in the world to save a cyclist who attempts the greatest, most difficult, most prestigious Grand Tour of a mythical country in the whole wide world? I guess we'll find out. The hard way.
"Pobrecito, pobrecito...."

Next up:  Stage 4: Hell Hath No Fury, so glad we'll have about 36 hours to recover ...


  1. How are both of you doing it at the same time on TrainerRoad? My wife and I are doing it together, but we are using 2 laptops.

    1. I apologize for the late response, but I think we replied to this via email. For those of you who want to use TrainerRoad simultaneously with your training partner, you need to download TrainerRoad Companion from their site. Once you start the workout in the main TrainerRoad, Companion will sync up automatically (as long as you de-select using your cadence to start/pause the workout).