Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Tour of Sufferlandria - Stage 2


Webb: Sundays are for long rides, or so was GVA's thinking with Stage 2. Coming in at just under two hours, ISLAGIATT is the longest workout. It is your responsibility to bring HONOR, GLORY and VICTORY to Sufferlandria in the Giro d'Italia. GVA has determined that in this particular stage you must win Most Aggressive Rider. Not an easy task when you have four climbs to summit, including an erupting Mt Sufferlandria. 

Elle: We had just done this workout a couple of weeks ago, so it was fresh in my mind. I like doing this video (especially in the winter months) because you can get in a couple of hours on the trainer and it goes by A LOT faster than if you weren't racing against Bluebell, Big M, Gloworm, the Columbian and Billboard. OH Billboard! So many logos! So many, many logos.

Hey Elle, I have an idea!
Webb: Rubber Glove nearly ruined me. As it should. I took a conservative approach to ISLAGIATT with the goal of turning it into a active recovery session. Well, it seemed like a good idea. Looking at my power numbers on afterwards, I spent only 20% of the time in active recovery and 65% in the endurance zone. 

Elle: This is a challenging workout, but with everything going on, it keeps your mind off how long you're suffering on the trainer. And I made the decision, considering the back-to-back days ahead, to do this one at 75%. There's still a lot of Tour left, and I don't want to crack early on and not be able to finish strong.

Webb: Notwithstanding my inability to control myself and stay in my active recovery zones, does an excellent job interfacing with videos. My favorite part was hearing my phone alert me that I received an email as I was unclipping my shoes. I hobbled over to my phone to see that TrainerRoad had congratulated me on finishing Stage 2. I wasn't even off my bike yet and they were already patting me on the back. Thanks guys!

Next up: Stage 3 - Revolver, with just 10 hours to recover ...

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