Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SUPER 6, SCHMUPER 6: Rollin' with the Punches

Maxwell & some frozen Yonanas
Webb: There are plans and there are plans. Today's SUPER 6 schedule included a 60:00 endurance bike and a 30:00 endurance run. We had already decided to drop the bike in favor of a swim workout and with the recurrence of Elle's wonky knee, we dropped the run for her.

Elle: Enough about my crappy knee, let's talk about my pre-workout snack: Yonanas. This birthday gift (thanks Dad!) made the boring "banana before the workout" a little more exciting by way of freezing and smooshing it into a frozen, yogurt-like consistency.

Webb: I need to remember to check gym schedules. I belong to two gyms, one near our home and one next to my office. You know, so there is no excuse to miss a workout. Anyway. The plan was to run at lunch and swim after work. Unfortunately, the gym near my office closed at 1p today. No run for me.

THE WORKOUT: 1400m Drill-focused swim
w/u:     200m free (easy)
            200m pull buoy
            200m kick with fins (alternating between front and back each 25m)

Drill 1:  200m as 4x50m drill/swim: ONE ARM drill
            200m free (easy-moderate)

Drill 2:  200m as 4x50m drill/swim: FINGERTIP DRAG drill
            200m free (easy-moderate)

Total:  1400m

Elle: I think what suffered the most during SufferFestukah was our swimming. I swam 200 meters and thought I was going to pass out.

Webb: I definitely felt like a fish out of water at the beginning. I'm not sure I have found my rhythm, but it did get better.

Elle: Holy crap, we need to spend some serious time in the pool.

Webb: This was a good workout for us. Nice and easy drill focus to start working our way back into proper shape. I definitely missed my swim coach. I was thinking about her while doing the fingertip drag drill - which is the best drill for non-swimmers in my opinion. "But wait!" you say. How is that I whine about not having a swimming background, yet here I blather about my "coach?" A couple of years ago I hired someone who swam competitively in college. Best investment I've made in this sport. Even though she was more like an instructor, I like to refer to her as my coach because she gave me great workouts to improve my stroke and fitness. Unfortunately, Hawaii is a more attractive place to live than Massachusetts for some people. Whatever.

Elle: Meanwhile, outside a couple of sessions with a swim instructor here and there, I learn all my swim technique from books and the internet. I recently saw a video about how you should keep your fingers slightly separated, kind of like a bear claw, to maximize your pull. I thought about that in the pool today.
I was the bear.
I also read that a good, extended reach is key. So I made sure to reach for the salmon on every stroke.


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