Sunday, January 15, 2012

Battling Mr. Cold and his evil side-kick, Wind Chill

The weather: 33°F, feel-like temp = 16°F (with wind chill)
On the beach in Southie

Easy, low heart rate run out to Castle Island and through Southie.
Distance: 8.28 miles
Time: 1:26:40 total (including time for photos)
Average moving pace: 9:37 min/mi
Heart Rate Zone: between 1 & 2 

Webb: The plan originally called for a 60:00 endurance run. We missed some workouts due to travel and pain, so we bumped it to 90:00. When we saw the low temps and wind chill, we remembered what a bad idea it was to try to make up workouts. So we decided to do 60:00, on a treadmill. But neither of us wanted that either. Finally, I came up with a route. I was not sure how long it was or how long it would take us. We were just going to go for a run.

Elle: We're lucky to have made it this late in the winter without having a super, freezing cold run. But today it was frosty, so I donned a tri top, a long-sleeved Mizuno thermal, and a running shell, plus full-length running tights, with a pair of insulated wind pants over them, wool socks, and of course gloves and a hat (with ear flaps).

Webb: The course was a loop that took us to Castle Island and the beaches of South Boston. I knew we were taking a chance running by the water on a cold day. When the wind comes off the water it will push sideways and backwards. A tailwind isn't much appreciated as you are more likely to be dumped on the ground. I had no idea there was a wind advisory. Oh well. It may have been brutally cold, but it was still a nice run.

Elle: Running out to Castle Island on a day this cold with a wind advisory was just plain dumb. If you'd like to recreate the experience for yourself, go for a run with someone standing in front of you, with two hands on your chest, pushing you backwards while someone else slaps you in the face. 

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