Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breaking in the New Bikes

The matching Cervélos...
Webb: I don't know what Cervélo is up to, but their Share the Ride Program allowed us to pick up a pair of entry-level S2 road bikes at a great price. It was a nice upgrade for me.

Elle: And a ridiculous upgrade for me.

Webb: This means Elle will have to try some road racing this year.

Elle: We'll see.

Webb:  Whatever. Anyway, onto the workout

THE WORKOUT: 70:00/90:00 as so ...
w/u 30:00 inspired by Coach Troy Jacobson's Spinervals 23A
Main  5 x 1:00 50-60 rpm (1:00 recovery)
         1 x 5:00 80-90 rpm (2:30 recovery)
         3 x 1:00 50-60 rpm (1:00 recovery)
         1 x 3:00 80-90 rpm (1:30 reocovery)
         2 x 1:00 50-60 rpm (1:00 recovery)
         1 x 2:00 80-90 rpm (1:00 recovery)
         1 x 1:00 50-60 rpm (1:00 recovery)
         1 x 7:00 TT effort 100+ rpm
c/d   16:00
Total time: 90:00

Webb: I saw this workout a few months ago when Samantha McGlone retweeted it from Marilyn McDonald (aka @CHYCHOTA) at Endurance Corner. It is a bit different, mostly because we were watching the Boston Celtics - Oklahoma City game (ugh) and ended up doing a little more than prescribed. Plus, the TT effort is supposed to be 90+, but we like to push the cadence.

Elle: I like this workout, since we can do it while watching the game.

Webb: This is a good base session workout. I'm rotten when it comes to climbing and could stand to work on my force in general. Over the last few years I have improved my ability to pedal at 100+ rpm comfortably. Now I feel the need to add some strength/force to the equation to bring my power up. This workout does just that. Plus, the numerous descending sets help make the time pass quickly.

Elle: For some reason I was struggling today, not sure why.

Webb: Although the first ride was on a trainer, my first impression is "Hell yes." The S2 is so much more responsive than my LeMond. I don't have a power meter (and was not wearing my HR monitor), however, based on my RPE and the speedometer, I was cranking out a good 1-2+mph faster with less effort than before. I wish I was tougher when it came to the weather because I want to get this thing outside!

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