Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Bending Crank Arms"

THE WORKOUT: Bike Strength
w/u: 20:00 (5:00 easy spin followed by 3 sets of 2:00 moderate @ 70rpm, 3:00 easy @ 90+ rpm)
Main: Our modified version of "Bending Crank Arms" Volume 19 of Coach Troy Jacobson's Spinervals series
Core: 3 circuits of Supine Glute Bridge (x20) and Planks (1:00, 1:05, 1:10)

Webb: This is an excellent workout to develop strength. Coach Troy has structured a workout of on-bike intervals and off-bike squats. The prescribed workout calls for squats followed by isometric squats (think of squatting down and holding the position until Coach says you can stand). We traded the isometric squats for Sumo Deadlifts with Arnold Presses (SDLAP). (The video shows a sumo squat - or deadlift - with a high pull to an Arnold press; we transitioned from deadlift to press using a bicep curl.)

Elle: Stats for this workout:
Bike Time: 55:00
Strength Time: 30:00 
Total Time: 1:25:00

Webb: I have done this workout several times over the last few years. This was the best I have done. I think it was a combination of continued bike training and improved glute/hip strength. It has improved my ability to have proper pedal form, most notably to keep my heel down as I press down through the stroke.

Elle: I like this type of circuit-y style training, on the bike, off the bike, doing squats, lifting weights, I like variety. That's probably why I'm a triathlete.

Webb: Isometric squats are tough, especially after doing low cadence bike work and squats. Your legs burn and shake. This time we tried the SDLAPs because we wanted a full-body strength workout. What I forgot was how your HR spikes each time you lift the weight above your head. By the time we were on the final bike sets, 5 sets of big gear sprints, I was hurting. I didn't think I would make it through. And yet I did and I am better for it.

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