Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Runnin' & Cyclin'

Webb: Divide and conquer. As in, we were divided and conquered. The Spinvervals SUPER 6 plan called for a bike and run session today. Elle was feeling pretty good so she thought she would run at the gym and then do the bike with me at home. Although I feel better, I was not going to overdue it with a double-session.

WEBB'S WORKOUT - Technique/Recovery Bike
Webb: This was supposed to be Wednesday's bike workout, but I thought it would be wise to move it up. I have done Spinervals 23A before. It is an easy effort to focus on drills. There are some build sets, some single-leg drills and some high cadence spinning. I love that the high rpm work follows the single-leg drills. It is like some hyper-application model that helps you think about what you are doing instead of just spinning your legs like the The Road Runner. I mean, he's is fast and all, but you gotta practice good form.

I'm still following Holistic Guru's advice and trying to eat well - with intention - and doing light cardio. I have to say after a post-ride massive coughing fit, I felt pretty good. The next morning I felt even better. I'm going to kick this cold in record time. Patience, diligence and soup are key. Oh yeah, and sriracha.
A little incentive to get me to the gym...

ELLE'S WORKOUT - Aerobic Run on the Treadmill
w/u: 10 min. (6 mph, increasing 0.1 mph every minute @ 1% incline)
main: 30 min. (6.5 mph @ 0.5% incline)
c/d: none. Rolled around on the foam roller and did 5 pull-ups

Elle: I had planned on doing the bike workout with Webb, but after my time on the 'mill, I was feeling a little dizzy (was it the pain meds? might I be getting sick? Not enough fuel?), so I didn't want to risk it. Tried to get to bed at a good time to rest up for tomorrow's 2-hour cycling/strength fest.

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