Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's not always exciting

And it's even waterproof!
Elle: Considering my miserable showing at the pool on Wednesday, I decided that more swimming was in order. So I took to the pool again on Thursday for a quick, 30-minute workout from the ever-trusty, 'Swim Workouts for Triathletes' by Gail Bernhardt.

w/u: 100m SW 100m K 4 x 50m (25m build, 25m catch-up)
main: 100m Pull
          2 x 100m T-Pace (+ :02)
          100m Pull
          2 x 100m T-Pace (+ :01)
          100m Pull
          2 x 100m T-Pace
c/d: 200m

Elle: It was a quick and easy workout, perfect for getting back into the swim of things. I'll have to start putting some serious time in at the pool, but for now, at the end of a long day, this did the trick.


Webb: On Thursday night, I ended up staying late at work so I missed out (again) on the SEAC speed work. I decided to hit the gym for a quick High Intensity Training session and some strength work.

w/u: 15:00 at 2% grade
main: 4 x :30 at 5% grade with 2:30 jog recovery at 1%

That workout felt pretty rotten. Or was it me? It was a tough night to be on the treadmill whatever it was. My fitness level is high enough to have had a better session than that. Perhaps it was nutrition or a lack of it. Or it just wasn't a good night.

I also began a strength routine from Ben Greenfield's "Run With No Pain." As I have mentioned, I have had a chronic lower back/hip/ITB issue since about May '10. (The back issue goes back further.) The most recent signs, mind you, not a diagnosis, point to the sacro-iliac (SI) joint. This book is targeted towards those people with a posterior-rotated hip problem.

After my first workout, I definitely felt like my posture was better. I am on one hand optimistic and on the other, keeping my expectations reasonable. I have tried numerous exercises and stretches to solve and/or alleviate this problem. My optimism for this is that it seems to recognize an imbalance in the body and tries to correct it.

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