Monday, June 24, 2019

Sunday Funday! kinda…

Elle: Dear Diary,

Sunday in Dorado is the day they shut down a section of road to cars, so runners and cyclists take to the road for a car-less workout along a stretch of road with a nature preserve on one side and the ocean on the other. Not too shabby.

I’m used to getting up with Webb and going out together for our rides. Being alone and having the discipline to get up at 6am and out of the apartment and proceed to cycle on my own takes a bit of mind strength for me. Most mornings my mind and body say, ‘No, I don’t wanna goooooo.’ But then I think, consistency is the key to gaining fitness success. And of course it’s hard. If it wasn’t then everyone would do it, right?!? So I drag my body out of bed and get to it.

Webb: Oh yes, consistency is consistently the most important aspect to long term success. 

Elle: Since my light + lovely Argon tri bike is in the shop, I’ve been riding Big Bertha, my heavier road/commuter bike. Honestly, It’s work to haul that thing around. Plus it doesn’t have shoe clips, so I’m losing power in the back half of my pedal stroke. Every stroke. So it’s truly a challenge. 

HOWEVER, today I actually passed a couple of people... Yeehaw! I mean, yeah, they were going pretty slow, but hey, I’m calling it a win.

On my rides my mind wanders. Here are some of the thoughts that swirl around:
  • Look at all the guys (and gals) in full on kits. There are a lot of serious cyclists around here.
  • I am so thirsty. Doh, I forgot my water bottle! Sooooo thirsty. Make a note for next time, DON’T FORGET A WATER BOTTLE.
  • I have a run after this (doing a transition run to train for triathlons), oy, that’s going to hurt. Stop thinking about the run! You’re on the bike, think about the bike!
Now there are lots of big groups of riders out here every Sunday, but something AMAZING happened today - there was a super big peloton of ladies wearing pink. They came up on me and I got swept up in their peloton. Whether I wanted to, or not, I was in the peloton now! It was incredible! I could feel the physics of the peloton pull me along. Some of the cyclists going the other direction would yell out words of encouragement to the group, and everyone would cheer and yell. I think it was a breast cancer support group. Anyway, it was freaking great. This is what I get out of bed for!

Webb: Dear Elle's Diary, Her cycling has really improved. Could you let her know? 

Elle: One thing about this ride is that, at the end, about 1.5 miles from the end, there is a killer of a hill. I mean super steep. Short, but steep as a mother. And every time I approach, I get a little nervous. And a little excited. But I am determined to attack and beat the hill. I was tired and still determined to win hill today. Ok, here we go......push, push, push. You. Can. Do. This.

.....yassss! Made it the top! 

Elle: 1 // hill: 0

I was done with my 25-mile ride, and it was time for a run. Ugh, I sooooo don’t want to run. But then I said to myself, ‘You can do this! Rock this run!’. More thoughts:
  • This is hard. This is hard. Stop thinking about how hard it is. This is easy! (not really)
  • Damn, I’m running a 10 minute mile. Stop! Stop the stinking thinkin’! You’re a beast!! You're a champ for even getting out here today!
  • You are strong! You can do this! Picture that podium on race day and know you're going to finish strong because you got up on these hard days and got it done!
  • This will be over at some point, just push through!
  • Strong. Strong. Push. Push.
  • I DID IT! Now lets go jump in the pool

So glad I got out of bed this morning. Good job self!

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