Monday, September 2, 2013

Knighthood of Sufferlandria for


1. Video one completed! There is No Try.
2. Natasja is here for video 2: Angels...
(some technical difficulties during Angels, but I think we're back in business.)
3. HHNF: Elle & Webb suffer together!
4. ISLAGIATT: And Lenny is in the house! Webb looking strong...
5. Dan has arrived and Revolver is.....revolving.
6. It's a fight! It's Fight Club! Webb inches ever closer to knighthood...
7. Emily is heading for a Downward Sprial, Webb leading the way. (Note: Elle stepped in, since Emily ran the BAA 1/2 marathon earlier today)
8. B-B-B-Blender!!!!!! Elle & Webb, suffering together together again.
9. So Wretched. Quads, aching. Sit bones, burning. Under-regions, throbbing. Enjoy, Michelle.
10. Elle & Webb - with the big finish by going to A Very Dark Place where Webb will achieve Sufferlandrian knighthood....

Sir Webb Brightwell has arrived!!!!!!!!

Attempt at Knighthood of Sufferlandria for

On Oct 13th, Webb will make an attempt to become a Knight of Sufferlandria
To do that he will need to complete at least 10 of’s indoor cycling workouts back-to-back with no more than 10 minutes separating each. Those of you who are familiar with know how wonderfully hard the workouts are. The sessions range from 45 minutes to 2 hours each, which basically means he will be on his bike for more than 11 hours. It will be the hardest one-day endurance event he has ever attempted.

Obviously proper hydration will be critical to success. Perhaps less obvious will be how critical it is that our bathroom is a mere 15-foot walk. We do not take such easy access to clean water and sanitary waste systems for granted. It is also not lost on us that undertaking such suffering is a choice we make. It is why we joined Team

We joined Team in 2012 after watching “Running the Sahara” and meeting Team Captain Kyle Damon at the Multisport Expo at MIT. It was a natural fit. Endurance training is arduous, yet it is still a choice we make. Indeed it is a luxury. We do not wake everyday in extreme poverty, lack access to plumbing or are confronted with a 6km (3.7 miles) walk to get water for the household (the average distance a person walks in the developing world to get clean water).  Sadly this a daily reality for millions. While this is a daunting thought, has done an amazing job of providing access to clean water and sanitation efficiently and effectively. Each $25 donation provides water for someone - for life

To help Webb get through this endeavor we are going to have a Sufferfestival where people can join in the workouts. It doesn't matter where you live or train, you can take part. In the next couple of weeks we will post the schedule of workouts below. UPDATE: Just pick any workout on the schedule below. To participate, we only ask that you do one of these two options:

1. Donate to here:
2. Join to Team 

If you don't already own a workout, you can read descriptions and watch samples of the videos here:
At the top and bottom of list of videos you can click to open a comparison table. 

Please comment below or email us at if you want to join us. 

UPDATE: A big, big thanks to for the support. Do yourselves a favor and check out their website. There is some great nutritional information and gear reviews AND buy some Skratch from them!

Schedule of Suffering
Workouts below are linked to trailers. You can view all of's trailers on Vimeo: 
Spots marked Reserved are, well, um, reserved by someone who will be riding next to me. That doesn't mean you cannot join me in the agony of your own torture chamber.


        Start Times
        (EST/GMT)                        Workout                                                          Duration     Reserved

1.   7:00AM/11:00AM           There Is No Try                                                       55:00
2.   8:00AM/12:00PM            The Hunted                                                           1:02:00                  X
3.   9:10AM/1:10PM              Hell Hath No Fury                                                1:15:00
4.  10:35AM/2:35PM             It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time       1:56:00
5.  12:40PM/4:40PM              Revolver                                                                  50:00                   X
6.    1:35PM/5:35PM              Fight Club                                                             1:01:00                   X
7.    2:45PM/6:45PM              Downward Spiral                                                 1:02:00
8.    3:55PM/7:55PM              Blender                                                                  1:44:00
9.    5:45PM/9:45PM              The Wretched                                                          49:00
10.  6:40PM/10:40PM            A Very Dark Place                                                  54:00                   X

Anticipated End Time: 7:34PM
Estimated Workout Time: 11 hrs, 28 min
Lives changed by donors: 44 and counting ...


  1. Interested in riding along for 1 or 2 videos.

    I see Webb has bravely (suicidally) selected ISLAGIATT, Violator, Blender AND Revolver - Whew! More power to your legs Webb, when I go for knighthood I will be minimisng the contribution of these nasties....

    1. Andrew,
      HA! That is why it is in draft form. I'll give "ISLAGIATT" and "Violator" a go before I make the final cut(s). "Blender" is my nemesis, so it HAS to be on the schedule. And, personally, I think "Revolver" should be a requirement. It is just so nasty.

      Thanks for taking part. Please help spread the word!

  2. I am putting together a ride along in my BTC. It may be a "group" ride too. Will let you know when you can expect virtual partners. :)

    1. Buzz,
      That is great! May we all make Grunter von Agony proud.

  3. OK. I cannot acually do a 'Fest video with you because I am starting my ride from SF to LA with the R2R group. So, here is the plan. I will download Fight Club to my iPhone, and have it playing on my hadlebars in synch with you. That way, you will be virtually riding along the California Coast with a couple hundred riders! Good Luck, Webb! SUFFER - OBEY for GLORY, HONOR and VICTORY!

    1. That is insane! Your whole group is going to be asking each other, "Why does Joe keep attacking?"

      I'm seriously jealous of the SF to LA ride. Have fun, be safe and join us for Sufferfestakuh in December (it is like a mini-camp for the Tour of Sufferlandria).