Friday, June 14, 2013

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The Bike Snob Comes to Boston. (This blog is really late, sorry folks.)

Elle: So here's how I learned about The Bike Snob. Webb's mom bought him the book for his birthday. And I just picked it up and started reading it. I fell into it right away. This guy was hilarious. And also kind of a jerk. I loved it. He had written the book after his blog became ridiculously popular. So I started reading the blog. Good stuff. When I heard that he (Eben Weiss) was coming to Boston on Saturday, May 18th, I was excited to see and meet the man behind the blog.

Webb: I was reluctant to read the book. I love bikes and I want more people to ride them. For me, the more people who ride, the more bicycling will be accepted on the roads. The idea of a bike snob is antithetical my bicycle-beliefs. There should be no snobbery, no elitism, no judgment. Bicycling should be about what makes you happy on the bike. I decided to read the book because Elle was raving about it while she reading - as in she would stop reading a page momentarily to tell me I had to read it. So I gave it a shot. And I loved it. There is a bit of irony in The Bike Snob nom de plume. It turns out he too has the same view of cycling as I do: Whatever gets you on the bike, so long as you ride a bike. Love it but don't take it too seriously.
"To Elle, Sorry you didn't win a
better prize. - Bike Snob"

Elle: As with many a Landrys event, the beer was plentiful. I may have gotten a little tipsy, I'm pretty sure the guy interviewing The Bike Snob had a few too many too. However, in my buzzed state, I got "blurty" during the quiz portion of the interview and ended up winning a prize - The Bike Snobs latest book, which he graciously signed for me (see photo ->).

Webb: The interview/presentation went well. The emcee had done his homework and prepared an interesting slide show. The Snob was great, played to the slides and called shenanigans a few times, in his own fun and witty way. There was no doubt he would be cool to sit down with while having a pint or two. We picked up two more of his books, The Enlightened Cyclist and Bike Snob Abroad. I'll be reading those soon.

The Bike Snob signs my book
and secretly wishes I would
stop talking...
Elle: We stayed to get the book signed. And of course I was the last in line. By the time it was my turn, The Snob must have been exhausted, and probably just wanted to go to his hotel room and crash. But I was so excited to be talking to this famous blogger, that I just had to chat with him for a little bit. You can just see the enthusiasm in his face (see photo ->).

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