Thursday, May 3, 2012

Off to the 1st Triathlon of the season!

The house we rent in St. Croix
Elle: So we're off to St. Croix for the 1st triathlon of the season, the St. Croix sprint triathlon (which hides in the shadow of the 1/2 Ironman, which Webb did last year)!
I'm looking forward to seeing how I've been progressing, I think this race will be a good indication of what I've improved on since last year, and what I need to work on for the season ahead. Last year I was coming off the Boston Marathon, so I may have had a little more fitness behind me...

Webb: This seems like a good time to announce our race schedule for 2012:

5/6: St Croix Sprint Triathlon
5/17-18: Reach the Beach 24 hour relay (Ultra Team)
6/2: Escape the Cape Sprint Triathlon
6/10: Purgatory Road Race (cycling)
6/23: Captain Pond's 1-mile Swim Race
7/08: YMCA Old Colony Olympic Triathlon
7/14: Massachusetts State Triathlon - Olympic (maybe)
8/19: Timberman 70.3 - 1/2 Ironman

But first, I know you're all dying to hear how Steinerman went...

Steinerman Semi-Sprint Triathlon:
Swim- 1600m (w/u- 700m: 300 swim, 200 as IM order drill/swim, 200 pull-buoy; TEST! 3x300 (:30) FAST)
Braveheart Brick: Bike, Run, Bike-Run, Bike-Run, Bike-Run

Webb: This isn't really a sprint because we took a lengthy break (about 60:00) compared to a typical T1 (1:00-1:30). Oh yeah, and because the Braveheart Brick (aka my new favorite workout) involves three intervals of getting on and off the bike.

Elle: I wasn't feeling so great for the swim portion, which was also my swim test. I did, however, shave 3 seconds off my average 100M time, which Webb tells me is good, but still somehow doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment. But a win is a win, so I'll take it. Now that I'm really changing up my stroke, I hope that I continue to see seconds shaved off for the next swim test.

Meeting Rinny @ last year's race
Webb: Three seconds is excellent! Trimming :03 off a 100m time over 900m is a time savings of :27. I'll take that into any T1. The swim test was definitely hard as all fitness tests should be. I had somehow forgotten how mentally taxing it can be to stay on task to push and push some more. Or pull and pull some more. Anyway, it is easy for me to be lulled into the easy motion of swimming and let my effort lax. Tests are good workouts for me to help me stay mentally sharp.

Elle: The bike wasn't too bad, but Webb was smoking me on the run. I don't know if I've been slacking or he's been improving, but either way, I need to make sure I don't miss any more SEAC running club track workouts when we get back from our trip. Gotta get faster...

Webb: I think I just love the Braveheart Brick. It makes me wonder if I would be better at triathlons if they followed that format. And yes, Elle should come to SEAC track workouts more often because I will catch her if she doesn't.

Next up ST CROIX: Among the pros expected to race are Andy Potts, Frederik Van Lierden,
Terenzo Bozzone, Angela Naeth, Mary Beth Ellis and Kelly Fillnow. If we can get some photos we'll be sure to share. Oh wait. Lance Armstrong will also be there. Well, if the media throng allows us to move freely in the transition area like last year, we'll try to get photos.

Elle: ALSO, time-willing (that means no airport delays, luggage arrives on-time, rental car is ready, etc.), we plan on making it to the 5pm triathlete group photo in front of the Christiansted live web cam this year. So tomorrow, Friday, around 5pm EST (2pm for you West Coasters), if you check out the St. Croix live web cam, you may just see us...

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