Friday, February 3, 2012

A Very Dark Beacon Hill

Webb: The team broke ranks yesterday. It was too cold for Elle to join me and the SEAC crew for hill repeats. I considered staying in to do a bike workout since I was not sure how recovered I was from my stomach flu/bug thing. I opted for the run workout because my run fitness has been suffering. As an act of discipline, I decided to go to SEAC and do what I could.

WEBB'S WORKOUT:  Run Hill Repeats
w/u - jog to Beacon Hill
Main1 - 2 sets of 3 repeats as easy effort, medium effort, hard effort
Main2 - 3/4 mile tempo run around Boston Common
Drills - bounding, lower-leg drive, lunges, frankensteins, back-pedals
c/d - jog to SEAC

Webb: First, it was painfully cold with a 25F wind chill. The wind was not constant, yet somehow the air had an edge to it just the same. I went into the repeats thinking I'd only do what I was capable of doing without destroying myself. I was less worried about my missed workouts and more worried about the lack of food I was able to eat over the last three days. During the first set of three, I was convinced I was depleted and it was a stupid idea to go for a hill workout. However, on the second set, I seemed to find my rhythm and give a good effort. I dare say I handled the second set as well as if I had not been sick earlier this week. The payback came during the 3/4 mile tempo run. Wow that hurt.

I am glad I made it out. It is always good to hang with the SEAC crew. My legs are little worse for wear and it feels great. 
Greipel with his suffer face on.
I predict this guy will rock the Tour this year...

Elle: Elsewhere, I stayed home and headed to Sufferlandria alone. I went to a very dark place. I was sporting a full suffer face, and, along with the grunts and moans, had there been anyone in the room, they might have actually thought I was dying. When I removed my headband after the workout, it was 100% soaked. Even though I had turned off all the heat in the apartment and opened a window before I started. Needless to say, it was a productive workout.

ELLE'S WORKOUT: A Very Dark Place
You can see the original review of this workout here.
Basically it's:
- A warm up
- 2 short sprints
- 5 main efforts of 4 minutes each (some flats, false flats, mountains, basically lots of pain)
- A warm down

If you want your butt kicked, this is a good way to do it.

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