Sunday, February 12, 2012

1900m of Something Called "Swimming"

THE WORKOUT: 1900m swim
w/u -   200 easy freestyle, 100 kick w/fins, 100 free w/buoy
Drill1-  200 as 4x50 fingertip drag/swim (:15)
Drill2 - 200 as 4x50 catch-up/swim (:15)
Main -  200 T-pace + :05
           200 as 4x50 butterfly/easy free (:30)
           100 easy free
           200 as 8 x 25 sprint (:30)
           100 easy free
           200 T-pace
c/d -   100 easy

Webb: I put together the workout trying to put in a little of everything: technique (drills), strength (fly), speed (sprints) and endurance (sprints followed by strength coupled with T-pace sets). I enjoy creating workouts. They can be fun, grueling and at times both. The problem is that I am not qualified to put together workouts with the overall system or big picture in mind. Swim instructors and coaches may shake their heads at my workouts.
Angela Naeth winning with her wonky body marking

Elle: I thought this was a good workout. It was fun to be in the pool with Webb. And for the second half, we had to share a lane, which is good for preparing for open water swimming.

Webb: It was great being back in the pool. We've been ignoring it like the WTC ignored the women's pro field at Ironman Panama 70.3 today. Seriously, I've neglected my swimming and need to see if I had any feel for the water. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good. My fitness seems to be there. Not surprisingly, my stroke needs work (it always will) and my strength was lacking. Still, I'll call it a good day in the water.

Elle: Before we headed to the pool, I was watching the live Ironman Panama 70.3 feed. It was interesting to see how Ironman seemed to gloss over all of the pros to feature Lance Armstrong almost exclusively. But they did finally start posting pics of the winners (Lance came in 2nd). Angela Naeth had a great race, and came in first. I noticed in the photo that her body marking looked backwards, so I posted something about it on Twitter. And then the best part of the day -  we got back from the pool, I saw that she had responded to my post!  Apparently they let the pros do their own body marking? Either way, I think it's pretty cool that a pro triathlete took the time to respond to my tweet:

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