Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recovery in Tucson

Webb:  Sunday evening we put Ragnar Del Sol squarely in our rearview mirror and headed south to Tucson, one of the top winter training sites in the USA. If you are a triathlete and you are going to Tucson, it is pretty much required that you visit Trisports.com's brick-and-mortar building. They have everything. In fact, they have so much they cannot display it all. If you don't see what you are looking for, you should ask because they likely have it in the back. Case in point, I was there to buy DeSoto Sports Skincooler Wings to protect me from the sun's cosmic death rays. One quick word with one of the sales people and they emerged from the back with the Wings in hand.
Celebrity sighting!

Elle: The TriSports store is fantastic. Its where I bought the 2XU tri suit that I've worn for almost every race I've done, which I got on sale (something like $99 down from $200). So I had to check out the sale rack. I had a question, and went up to the front register. One of the TriSports staff started talking to me, and I immediately recognized his voice, I turned to look, and lo and behold it was the guy from the video! The video that I've watched too many times to admit. If you have not seen "Sh*t Triathletes Say," you must stop reading this immediately, watch it and return to the blog. I know that I've personally said pretty much all of those things. Eric nailed it. And it's so nice when you meet a celebrity, and they turn out to be a really nice person too...

WebbAfter picking up our new gear, we headed out to do an easy 5 mile aerobic recovery run. We did a great job staying in HR zones 1-2. I think my body wasn't too wrecked since my final leg of the relay was a wash. My HR on that leg stayed low since my ITB wouldn't allow me to put forth any meaningful effort. Still, I was glad the ITB problem seems to have abated. I'll keep stretching and hit the foam roller when we get back home just to be sure.

Elle: This run kinda sucked. I treated Ragnar differently, in that I basically didn't hold back, I ran hard for each leg, like I would for a race. So even though we took Sunday off, I'm still super sore. So today, every step hurt. Even though I love being in Arizona, and the mountains and cactus were beautiful, I had trouble ignoring the pain in my muscles. But Webb said that this run would help, so I tried to suck it up and enjoy the run.

Webb: With the recovery run in the books, it was time to hit a small and outrageously delicious Mexican Restaurant in Catalina (north of Tucson, beyond Pusch Ridge of the Santa Catalina mountains) called Carlota's. Check it out if you get a chance. Tomorrow we hit El Charro!

Don't forget, our "30 for 30" begins March 1st!


  1. the trisports people are THE BEST. love love LOVE them.

  2. They are great. It is no wonder it is considered one of the best employers.