Sunday, February 26, 2012

V02 Results

Webb: Both of our scores fall into the "Excellent" category (mid-50s). Keep in mind professional cyclists are in the high 70s and 80s, so "excellent" is not the top of the scale. Doesn't matter, our egos are always happy to hear that word.

Darrin wants us to get our scores up to the high 50s in time for Timberman (August). To that end, he gave us a plan for March to start working on base phase high intensity and recovery workouts. I'm looking forward to following a plan that a professional put together. It'll be better than my blind efforts.

What I found to be the most interesting result were our Ventilatory Efficiency (VE) scores. Part of capturing the 02/C02 exchange was to determine our VE. Two components of VE are how much 02 you take in and how well you use it. Mine and Elle's overall V02 scores were very close and our VT/LT HR were also close. We varied significantly on our VE scores, with mine being much higher (not necessarily better). It seems I am much better at getting 02 into my system and she is much better at using the 02 she gets. Soooooo, I need to work on becoming more efficient (e.g., V02 workouts) and she needs to work on getting more 02 (e.g., proper breathing techniques). I dare say she has the easier road, but maybe not.

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