Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning with SEAC


Elle: So after a nearly a week of sloth, I headed to the pool on Friday for the same workout I did last Friday. It was only 1500M, and took me about 45 minutes. I felt really good, actually. Too good. When I was done, I decided that my new swim minimum would need to be bumped up to 1800M (not counting the swim focus month, but more on that later).

Webb: I didn't work out. There is something about working late on Friday night that can really test a person's discipline. I considered doing an easy bike session. And then I considered just eating dinner and having a beer. Personally, I believe that it is completely legitimate to replace a bike workout with a pint or two of Belgian ale. It is a recovery week, so I only had the one pint.

w/u 2 miles, 2 miles at 10k pace, 2 miles easy, 2 miles at 10k pace, c/d easy for a total of 8.6 miles.

Elle: We joined the Saturday morning SEAC crew for a cool 8+ mile run out to Jamaica Pond. There was supposed to be a big snow storm, but luckily nothing dropped on us that was shovel worthy.

Webb: The first couple of miles were rough. I was just not feeling it. The lead group had already dropped us, but were still in sight. Elle was in the first chase group, while I was a lone straggler linking the second chase group. At Mile 2 I forced myself to pick up the pace and at least try the workout. I had to will my legs to catch up with Elle and then keep up the pace. We then formed the new first chase group. The route took us to Jamaica Pond at Mile 4 (and conveniently the beginning of the recovery interval). We took a left at the shore and started to make our way. It wasn't long until we encountered the lead group (turns out we went off-course). Rather than turn around we push on around the pond. Elle stopped on the back side to take a quick video of some ducks before her iPod cam died - by quick I mean six seconds. She was trying to capture a species of duck we haven't seen before. After we finished the loop, we began our return trip back to SEAC. At Mile 6 we hit the next interval and went after it. Most of the two miles were down hill. I love downhill running because, well, it is fun. It does not seem to have the same effect on my quads as it does for others. All in all it was a solid, invigorating run.

Elle: Thanks for that cycling-style run report, Webb. We finally got back to the store and hung around and socialized for a bit. It was good to see Justin (co-founder of SEAC with Dan). Plus, SEAC was having a big sale, and, as if we don't already spend a percentage of our salaries there, of course we had to look around. Webb had already bought a Patagonia jacket there Thursday, and I ended up getting a sweet new running tank (I'll be testing it out at Ragnar del Sol in 3 weeks) and a pair of my own running wind pants (so that I don't have to keep wearing Webb's).

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