Friday, February 17, 2012

Dan vs. Dave

ELLE'S WORKOUT - Treadmill run inspired by Dave Scott
W/U:  5 min. at 1.5% grade (6mph)
          5 min. gradually increase to 7mph
Set 1: repeat 6 times
45 sec @ 5% grade (7mph)
45 sec @ 6% grade (7mph)
30 sec @ 7% grade (7mph)
1 min. rest @ 2% grade (7mph)
Set 2: repeat 10 times
20 sec. @ 0.5% grade (9mph)
jump off for 20 sec.
jump back on for 20 sec.
Set 3:
10 min. @ 1.5% grade (7mph)

Elle: This was my first time trying this 'Dave Scott' treadmill workout. The first set was TOUGH. The second set needed to be more challenging, but I'm too scared to jump on the treadmill when it's going faster than 9mph, so I'll just add more reps next time. And for the third set I need to jack up the speed next time, 7.5mph at least, maybe higher.

WEBB'S WORKOUT - SEAC Running Club, workout by Dan
w/u - run to Beacon Hill 
Main - 6 repeats as 1 short (ca 200m), 4 long (ca 400m), 1 short
Drills - usual fare of lunges, lower leg drives, etc.
c/d - run back to SEAC
total  - 5.3 miles
Webb describing something moving to Shawn

Webb: It was a strange night to be running up and down Beacon Hill. The meteorologists called for 80% chance of rain. Does it count if it only mists? I would guess the temp was high 30s or low 40s, which is not bad but it got downright cold on our last two repeats. I opted forgot to bring my gloves. My hands were red from the rawness of the cold, damp air.

I was dreading the drills because I was sure I was going to freeze. Here is the strange part: It was actually warmer, pleasant even, at the bottom of the hill, even when we weren't running. Maybe there was a wind farther up? I don't know.

As for the workout, it was a good and tough one. I've learned that the overall quality of my hill repeats suffer if I go out too hard on the first couple of intervals. So I made an effort to pace myself while ensuring I still gave it a hard effort. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew ripped the hill apart. It is impressive to see how they knock it down. If you don't belong to a running club, go find one. (And if you are in Boston, join us at SEAC on Thursdays and Saturdays.) Your club mates will get the best out of you.

Elle: While the SEAC crew was shredding up the hill in Boston Common, I was taking a delightful, toasty warm shower at the gym. Then I put on some clean, warm clothes and headed over to the store to meet up with everyone for some post-run beer.

Webb: We had a good time hanging out with everyone afterwards, talking about the pros and cons of 80s music (then & now), the difference between good artists and great artists. Hey, we're capable of talking about something other than swimming, biking or running.

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