Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 7: March, rolling in like a sea lion, out like a Pacific Spotted Dolphin?

Elle: Apparently the Pacific Spotted Dolphin is a very fast sea creature, reaching speeds of 24.7 mph.
The majestic Pacific Spotted Dolphin

5 miles in zone 2 on the treadmill at 1% grade

Elle: Looking forward to the sun setting later, and enjoying some after work, outdoor runs, rather than getting on the 'mill. Especially when the treadmills at the gym are in a room with no windows, and I was just under the fan, so while Webb was being delightfully cooled off during his 5 miles, I was next to him, sweating my face off.

Webb: This was a good run, mostly because I think Elle is starting to accept she does not need to try to win every workout. I am also looking forward to running outdoors more. As narcissistic as this blog is that does not mean I enjoy staring at my reflection for 5 miles. To distract myself I started doing race-day visualizations. That was a bad idea because it jumped my HR by about five points. I also noticed that if my stride rate dropped below 90rpm my HR would also go up by about five points. So no motivational visualization and a high RPM are necessary for me to stay in Zone 2.

w/u: 300 swim, 200 pull-buoy, 100 swim
Main -  2x150 Negative Split
            4x100 continuous with the first and third 100s as easy/moderate, and second and fourth as fast
            2x150 continuous as the first easy/moderate, second fast
            4x100 continuous with the first and third 100s as easy/moderate, and second and fourth as fast

Elle: I like swimming after running, because I'm all warmed up for the swim, plus jumping into the pool is refreshing, rather than arresting.

Webb: I'll echo that. Although, it was disappointing we had to cut the workout short because we only had 50:00 before the pool closed. I cut a sizable chunk from the warm-up since as Elle points out, we were pretty warmed up already. I have to say this is a modified workout that came from either Gale Bernhardt or I cannot remember which. One of the ways I modified it was to add 2x100 IM at the end. While I was waiting for Elle to finish her last 4x100, I decided to squeeze in one of the IM sets. I'm glad I did.

Elle: This swim felt good. Webb is still so much faster than me, so that is a big motivation for me to get in the water. I look forward to the day that I can give him a run for his money at the pool. Some day...

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