Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 28: The New Swim Gear is Here

Webb: Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I was able to work from home on Day 28. I was plugging along getting stuff done while outside the skies were grey and a bit rainy. Then all of sudden there was light. Through our windows came this streaming brightness and I knew what I had to do. I grabbed my running shoes and Garmin 305 and headed out for an easy lunch time run. Unfortunately, the 305 was (is) dead. I don't mean it needs a charge. I mean it is DEAD. Nothing I have tried will revive it. I'm going to give it 3 days, if it doesn't rise from the dead then I'm moving on.
New swim cap!

w/u: 200M swim, 100M buoy, 100M kick, 100M swim
drill: 4 x 50M catch-up
main: 500M swim
c/d: 100M swim
total: 1300M

Elle: The thing that made this swim special is my new, super fantastic swim cap from
Webb and I also each got sweet, new swim bags that will be really great when the weather gets nicer and we start biking to the pool. The swim itself was good, although my legs were a little tired from Coach Troy's workout the night before.
New swim bags!

I felt pretty rotten during my warm-up, probably due to the run. I had this idea to add 2x100 IM into the warm-up instead of the buoy and kick sets. During the first 25 (fly) my left foot and calf began cramping badly. I doggie-paddled the final 5m to the end and massaged them out. I then proceeded with 25 backstroke and blammo! my right foot and calf cramped up. What followed was a lot of starting, stopping and stretching as I tried to resume a normal warm-up. The good news is as bad as the warm-up was, my main set was good. I swam my 500m :10 faster than my last outing earlier in the week. Sometimes you just have to keep at it.

Elle: FYI, when Webb says he's "moving on," that probably means he's going to be getting the brand, spanking new, super fly Garmin 910XT, the Garmin to rule all Garmins. Of course I'll still be sporting my crappy, wonky Garmin 110...

Webb: Indeed I am tempted. The 3-year shelf life of my 305 bothers me though. Stay tuned ...

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