Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 15: Halfway Home

Webb: Here we are. At the midpoint. Time to take stock.

Elle: Rollercoaster energy levels: Check.
       Sore and tired shoulders: Check.
       Constant aroma of chlorine about me all day long: Check.
       Emotional fragility: Check.

Purpose: Force!
500m swim
500m swim with pull-buoy
500m swim with pull-buoy and paddles
total 1500m

Webb: I pretty much love this workout. Many swim workouts, including our easy, drill-focused swims, have so many sets that switching back and forth or stopping can become tedious. The beauty of this is that it is simple (i.e., 3 sets) and still includes some quasi-drill work (i.e., pull-buoy) and some hard work (i.e., paddles).

Elle: I have to agree, this is a good workout. I was able to get into a rhythm and go with it. I like how the paddles help with strength building and really exaggerate the catch motion. By the time 6pm rolled around, though, I wasn't super psyched to bundle up, go out into the misty chill and run hills. But I sucked it up and did it.
Emily celebrates St. Patty's day
with her famous shamrock socks

SEAC Beacon Hill Repeats
w/u -   1.5 mile jog to Beacon Hill
Main -  200m, 400m, 400m, 400m, 200m
Drills -  the usual assortment of lunges, lower-leg drives, bounding, etc.
c/d -    1 mile jog back to SEAC
total - 4.75 miles

Webb: Our run club leader, Dan, has been pushing the group pretty hard lately. (Not that we were put through the paces. We were in AZ and last week was a recovery week for us.) For that reason he decided to take it a little easy on the group. That was fine with me since our current plan is for medium intensity work. I stuck to that and had a good workout. My legs felt fresh, probably due to last week's recovery and my aerobic run the day before.
Dan looks at me, Webb looks at Dan, Shawn eats a cupcake

Elle: Once we got to the Commons and the hill portion of the workout, I was feeling surprisingly well, and was able to push it on the hill repeats. Since we had been on the treadmill since our return from AZ, it felt good to run outside. So I continued to push it a bit on the run back to the store too.

Webb: No kidding. The crew separated and left me and two others behind. Sheesh.

Elle: Of course, after the run, the standard Thursday night SEAC post-run, beer drinking commenced and hilarity ensued...

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