Monday, March 19, 2012

3 Day Update: Days 16, 17 & 18 of "30 for 30"

Webb: We never intended this to be a daily blog. The "30 for 30" program, however, warrants constant updating. There is a lot to say, so let's get to it.

Purpose: drill focus
w/u-  300 swim, 100 kick, 100 pull-buoy, 200 swim
drill-  200 catch-up as 4x50 drill/swim
main- 300 swim at TPace
total- 1200

Elle: Ahhh, Friday. I was feeling a bit tired from the week. We talked about doing the Spinervals 1.5 hour cycle/strength workout, but I just didn't have it in me.

Webb: I had to swim at work on Friday. My lunch time swim had to be pushed to late afternoon - which is apparently the bestest time in the whole world to swim there because every lane had at least 2 people in it and most had 3. 

DAY 17: ERIN GO LADDERS, or How we spent our St Patrick's Day

Purpose: Endurance, fitness
w/u-  200 swim, 100 pull-buoy, 100 pull-buoy w/paddles, 100 pull-buoy, 200 swim
main- 2 x {25 fly (:10), 25 back/25 free (:10), 25 breast/50 free (:10), 100 free (:10), 25 fly/50 free (:10), 25 back/25 free (:10), 25 breast }
c/d-   250 swim
total-  1750

Webb: I love IM swim sets, not that I am any good at any of the strokes. They are good for me because they kick my ass aerobically and I definitely feel an improvement in my free-style form after an IM set. 

Elle: Ha, this was fun. And since I couldn't seem to figure this one out on my own, and accidentally added 50 meters to the first main set, for the second main set Webb patiently waited for me at the end of each of the IM legs. Also, while we were trying to figure that all out, yelling to each other across the lanes, we met a super nice woman in the pool who was swimming with headphones on, something I've been really curious about. She even let me try them. According to the website:

"Using Bone Conduction audio transmission the SwiMP3 waterproof MP3 player provides the highest quality underwater sound without ear buds. 2GB of storage holds approximately 500 songs, or 30 hours of music. Swimmers can listen to music, audio books, podcasts and more, all with incredible clarity."

A couple of things:
1. I won't be swimming for 30 hours in a row, but good to know.
2. Are you serious? Swimming laps while listening to an audio book? To each his own, I guess.
3. The sound is good when you're under water, but every couple of seconds, when you breath and turn your head, the sound gets a little muffled, so it's not a perfect system. But I'm ready to give it a try...

BIKE WORKOUT: Another Ladder
Purpose: Steady aerobic effort with cadence work
w/u-  20:00 in HR zone 1
main- 50:00 in HR zone 2 as 5:00 at 80-90 rpm, 5:00 at 70-80 rpm, 5:00 at 60-70 rpm, 5:00 at 70-80 rpm, 5:00 at 80-90 rpm. Each interval followed by a 90-100 rpm "recovery"
c/d-   20:00 in HR zone 1

Webb: This workout is only hard in the sense that you need to keep your HR down in zone 2, but above zone 1. It is great in the sense that it helps you focus on a steady effort as you deal with a rolling hill type environment.

Elle: Another name for this workout could have been, "Suffering on the indoor bike trainer while watching the Celtics lose because they seem to have forgotten how to play defense or put the ball through the hoop."

Webb: I think it is more of rebounding issue. You need the ball to win. But you know what they say, "An L is an L." That is what they say, isn't it? 

DAY 18: 

Purpose: Endurance-Speed
w/u-  200 swim, 100 pull-buoy, 100 kick w/fins, 200 swim
main- 6x200 at TPace on :10 rest
total-  1800

Elle: Ugh! Hard! I was able to do the first 200 at TPace, and then it all went to crap. Sometimes when I'm in the water I feel like one of those wind up SCUBA toys. Like this one. Here he is again, exploring an under water sea wreck.

Webb: I think it was somewhere at the end of the fourth interval or beginning of the fifth interval when I thought to myself, "Why do I taste blood? Am I having a stroke? Oh well, pull-breathe, pull-breathe ..."

w/u-  10:00 HR zone 1
main-  5x 5:00 intervals with 5:00 zone 1 recovery.  Intervals broken down into 5 - 1:00 segments in HR zone 3. The first minute has the lowest HR ceiling (within zone 3), with each minute increasing the ceiling by a 2 beats. The final minute of the 5:00 segment has ceiling in zone 4.
c/d-  10:00 HR zone 1
total-  1:10:00

Webb: I like this workout. The slow build to a fast, final minute was fun. It helped with pacing and if you really push yourself in the fast minute, you'll find the 5 minute recovery goes by pretty quickly. And as the recovery efforts go, so does the entire run. 

Elle: Another name for this run could have been, "Elle goes over her target heart rate zones to stay with Webb while Bostonians stumble drunkenly around the city after their respective St. Patty's Day parties" 

Webb: Oh man did we see a lot of people in a bad way. I mean it is one thing to be drunk and merry or even an angry drunk. I'm not even sure how to describe some of the people we saw - The Walking Unsober? They seemed so incoherent. Also, you know how it is when you are out for a run and cruise by a smoker and for a moment you can't breathe? Now imagine replacing smoke with the rank odors of booze and beer. That was rough. Instead of choking on smoke, I had to control my gag reflex. Then I went home and had a beer. (By the way, nice job Dogfish Head Ale. Your Indian Brown Ale is quite yummy.)

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