Thursday, December 15, 2011

SEAC Annual Jog & Nog

3.5-mile easy, fun run

Elle: So last night was SEAC's 2nd annual Jog & Nog - a fun, easy, 3.5 mile holiday run from the store, down Comm. Ave (with all of the trees along the ave. lit up), through the public gardens and Boston Commons to the big Xmas tree, then back to the store. Lead by Dan, who donned a Santa hat, there was also another jogger who had wrapped her body in Xmas lights. How she had them lit, I have no idea. It was a really nice night, and a fun and pretty run.

Elle: Of course once we returned to the store, as per usual, stretching and then drinking commenced. There was an interesting spiked nog (made with soy milk I think?), and of course, BEER. And with all of the runners (I would guess over 30), plus other revelers who stopped by, the party was in full holiday cheer mode.

Webb: I was totally bummed to miss the Jog & Nog again. I love the SEAC running crew. I somehow need to remember next year that I'm going to be stuck late in the office the final few weeks of the year. Looking forward to joining the crew next Thursday for a speed/track workout.

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