Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elle Takes a Day Off; Webb Tries Her 3000m Swim Workout

Webb's Workout:

warm up:
 300m (100m swim, 100m kick, 100m swim)
main: 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m @ moderate pace (:20)
          300m, 200m, 100m @ negative splits (:25)
          4 x 150m pull-buoy (:15)
          200m (fast) (:30)
          100m (fast) (:30)
cool down: none
Total: 2800m

Webb: Since Elle had such a positive, albeit tiring, experience with her swim the day before, I had to try it. My biggest challenge was that I only had about an hour to do it since the gym was going to close. I decided I would shorten the warm-up a bit (from 400m to 300m) and do as much as I could before the staff kicked me out of the pool. Since I find pull sets to be valuable for me, I also altered the workout to move those up earlier. It changes the nature of the workout. Elle, who also like pull sets, hated the 4x150 buoy sets. I am convinced that is because they came at the end, especially after 300m of fast sets.

After finishing my pull sets, I was happy to see I had a few minutes to try to knock down the two fast sets. I actually think doing these after the pull sets improved my form. Even though I was fatigued, the prior sets with the buoy helped me re-focus on head position, reach and hip snap. I want to do this workout in its original form and compare their effectiveness.

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