Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hey Cruzans! We're coming back!

Webb: It is official: The Triathletes Journey team has signed up for the St Croix Sprint Triathlon. The people of St Croix were so welcoming we couldn't resist a return visit.

Elle: Definitely one of my favorite races, can't wait to get back to the gorgeous island of St. Croix, shopping in Christiansted, snorkeling at Buck's island, and of course, all of the hookers.

Webb: It will be our first triathlon race of the season.

Elle: The highlight of the race for me last year was taking a photo with the magnificent Mirinda Carfrae. Also exciting was watching Cat Morrison cross the finish line for the win. It's a pretty small race, so you can be up close and personal with the pros. Can't wait to see who will be there this year...

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