Monday, December 5, 2011


Welcome to the first post of our first blog.

We are early in the first Base phase of our training. It is Week 11 and we are already a bit off track. That's ok. Last season went a bit long with both of our priority races happening in the early Spring. Elle kicked it off with an impressive marathon debut at Boston in April.  A couple of weeks later I was splashing, cranking and running, well, mostly walking, in the St Croix Half Ironman. Both of us crushed ourselves in these efforts and emerged smiling and wanting more. The rest of the 2011 season was yet to come. Eventually we took some time off and now  we are allowing ourselves  some flexibility in the early goings.  We certainly do not want to burn out before we begin.  

We'll mostly post our workouts and hope to post plenty of photos of our training and racing.  As self-coached athletes we welcome comments from the endurance community. It will also be great to hear from our family and friends. Since that Temptress Triathlon entered our lives,  we have not seen much of you.

Stay tuned for our planned race calendar.

Webb & Elle running the Boston Marathon
-Elle & Webb

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