Saturday, December 22, 2012

SufferFestukah 2012: Day 2

SufferFestukah: Day 2 - "Angels"

... and on the second day they climbed.

Max does not know why Ffiona loves SufferFestukah
Webb: "Angels" Three 8:00 climbs, after a warm-up and 10:00 of over-unders. I decided from the outset I would not respond to the attacks - which is pretty hard to do when you have developed a Pavlovian-response to the Sufferfest cues. 

Climb 1 was most notable for the <ahem> sit bones. Having not been on the bike in awhile, the sit bones were letting me know that they did not appreciate back-to-back days right out of the box. The next eight days could get ugly, especially with Day 3's double-session.

Climb 2 has a special place in heart. "A Very Dark Place" is probably my favorite video with "Hell Hath No Fury" not far behind. Climb 2 with its subsequent recovery segment might be my favorite 12:00 of all the videos. There is something about the camera shots, music and nature of the workout that puts me in the mindset that I'm actually racing with the guys. The recovery music and video is sooooo good and well earned. Just brilliant.

Climb 3 is just so hard with increasing effort over the final 8:00. Even though I was supposed to scale back, I found myself pushing and pushing and pushing. I even tried to respond to a few attacks. Yes tried; I failed. Instead, I dropped my head and dug deep. 

Elle:  Why Angels is my favorite Sufferfest workout (I hope I'm not giving anything away here):

1. Watching the peloton chew up and spit out Contador
2. Getting smashed by riding with Contador up the Alpe d'Huez (*shudder*)
3. Woman on the right side of the road wearing the fluorescent pink jumpsuit
4. Riding with Andy Schleck
5. Getting the thumbs up from Frank "the other Schleck"
6. Guest stars Sagan and Voeckler
7. Bonus animation at the end of the workout

Next up: "Local Hero" immediately followed by "Extra Shot." One-hour and forty-five minutes of racing. Your Sufferlandrian citizenship is at stake. Sleep tight minions.

The SufferFestukah set-up

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