Sunday, April 22, 2012

Say 'hello' to a brand new bike. Not really...

Webb: This week we had some fun workouts.

Swim: Force 500
Bike & Strength: Spinervals Vol. 5 Total Body Conditioning.
Run: Split Run!
Brick: Lesley Paterson's Braveheart Brick

Spinervals Total Body Conditioning
Elle: This is one of my favorite workouts. As I've said before, I like the 2-for-1 (biking & strength), I like getting on and off the bike. So it's fun for me. But in a pukey way, as I definitely had some serious vurpage going on. And I'm starting to feel stronger on the planks (front plank and side plank), so that's good news.

Webb: I'm starting to adapt, or at least that is what I tell myself. It is still hard but I'm able to manage it better while still putting forth the same effort. (Is that the first sign of denial?) Except. Except I could not do the first set of lateral lunges due to knee pain. Then I couldn't do any squats or lunges. It feels like patella tendinitis. Damn.

Elle: On Tuesday I had a bike fit scheduled with Grady at Landrys. What a freaking difference. I felt like I walked out of there with a brand new bike. At least a whole new different bike that feels really good to ride on. And not recumbant-y, like it was before. Perhaps I won't be Schlecking on those long rides anymore (fingers crossed).

RUN: Split Run
Morning: 1 hour Tempo Run
Evening: 30:00 minutes easy on Treadmill

Elle: We were finally able to pull our butts out of bed to do a morning tempo run along the Charles River. It was sunny and nice, post-miserable Boston Marathon weather. I'm feeling really glad I ran last year and not this year, everyone we know who ran said it was pretty miserable. Props to Mike, Chad, Emily and Ed for some great run times in such tough conditions.

Webb: A quick note about the Boston Marathon: Terrible, terrible conditions. You had to have a lot of heart to fight through that heat.

Onto the Split Run: It was a beautiful morning. I neglected to tell Elle what we were doing. I took off much faster than normal. About 0.5 miles in she finally asked me what was up. That is when I told her we were doing a tempo run. Oops. Oh well, she is that much faster than me that it didn't faze her. We were doing well until about the 33:00 mark, when my knee (from the Spinervals night) started bothering me. A couple of minutes later I told Elle if I slowed down to speed home without me. It wasn't much longer that she picked it up and left me behind. At 45:00 I was done with the tempo. I had to run/walk/stop'n'stretch the last 15:00 because my ITB band flared up on the leg opposite the knee pain.

500 swim, 500 swim with pull-buoy, 500 swim with pull-buoy and paddles, 500 swim
Total: 2000 meters

The HD GoPro
Elle: Pool swim during Masters Swim Class always means lots of splashing and waves. They leave one lane open, so Webb and I took that. I got a couple of mouthfuls of water when I went to take a breath on several occasions. And got beat up a little too - some of the guys in the Masters class get a little excited when they do butterfly stroke, and cross over the lane, under the lane lines. Webb took the new camera out for a spin and we saw some pretty interesting stuff. Webb apparently swims like a minnow, and I have zero glide. Awesome.

Webb: The new camera (HD GoPro) is going to be valuable for us finding flaws in our swim stroke. That assumes we know what the flaws look like. I have to say, it is cool though, watching yourself swim.


New 2XU suit!
Webb: I came across this workout as link on Lesley Paterson's "Sh*t Triathletes Don't Say" video. With our first race of the season coming up in a few weeks, it seemed like a good time to start brick sessions. We did three intervals. The first was definitely the toughest for me. Luckily HDNet was airing the Little 500. It provided a good distraction for the bike intervals. For the run intervals, I mapped out a 0.6 mile loop starting and ending at our front door. The weather, although a tad warm, was really nice for the hard efforts.

Elle: This was a challenging workout for me. By the time we got to the last bike set, my quads were really feeling it. And Webb wasn't letting up on the run sets, I guess he didn't feel like getting beat by a girl today. We should probably add this workout to the rotation. The best part was that I got to test out my new 2XU tri suit, can't wait to get it out on the race course.

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